32 Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Even Your Mother-In-Law Will Love

by Kristin Manna

Everyone loves a gender-neutral name. Something about it is just so cool and mysterious, and now, since people are more comfortable with stepping away from the norm — it makes us more unique, after all — why not opt for a gender-neutral baby name for your bundle of joy?

There are the classic names like Sam and Alex that we've seen given to boys and girls for years, but more unique names like Mackenzie and Oakley are quickly becoming more popular and they make great unisex names. When coming up with your baby's name, some go the traditional route and select a family name, but others take a more modern approach and try to choose one that's unique and will hopefully reflect their child's personality. You can even combine or hyphen two names to make a more original one. Like Dakota-Sky. It's such a beautiful name, and I'm sure your kid will be the only kid in their class who has it.

Basically, when picking a name for your new pride and joy, you can choose whatever you want — celebrities do. Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple, and yes, that's an unconventional name but it's also freakin' adorable. If you're not so inclined to name your child after your favorite snack, take a look at some of these favorite gender-neutral names that any sex can rock.


The name Alex is a derivative from the Greek Aléxandros which means "protector of men". If you ask me, we need more Alex's in the world.


Avery actually comes from the German name Aubery which means "ruler of elves". Perhaps your child will be in a position of leadership one day.


Bobby is a relatively trendy name (as an abbreviation for Robert), and it suits its meaning: famed, bright and shining.


Cameron is a Scottish name and actually means "crooked nose", but don't be nervous that the definition is a foreshadowing for your kid's future. But if you're worried, maybe don't encourage sports?


The meaning of Carey: from the fortress, or near the castle. Sounds like your child is destined for royalty.


"Proclamation of peace" is the original meaning of Casey. Come to think of it, I have never known a Casey who wasn't a peacemaker.


Typically you meet boys with this name, but it's such a cool name for girls as well either ending with an -ey or -ie.


There are some meanings for Cory; it means "heart" in French, "chosen" in English, and "hollow" in Irish. Or maybe you just like the name because it's cute.


Courtney is an old French word for... short nose. Why are so many names named after noses?


Dakota is a Native American name that means "friend" and it's a sweet name, indeed.


The name Dylan is Welsh by origin where it means "son of the wave". Funny every Dylan I have known was a surfer.


Whether you're spelling Devin with an 'o' or an 'i', there are a few different origins for the name, my favorite of which translates to "perfect".


Emerson is such a cool unisex name that translates to brave or powerful, both of which are favorable traits for your little babe.


The Greek name Elliot has strong religious ties, translating to "jehovah is God" so if that's in your wheelhouse, then it's an especially great name to consider for your little one.


Harper is a lovely name, whether your child grows up to be a harpist or not.


A supplanter is one who overthrows, and that's the meaning behind this popular name. Do with that what you will.


Jordan has biblical origins, but even if you're not religious, it's a cool name for a boy or a girl.


Kelly means "warrior" which makes it one to definitely consider for your little one. Plus there are plenty of successful Kelly's to be inspired by, from the OG American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson to the super impressive surfer Kelly Slater.


The name Oakley gives off some major surfer-slash-skater vibes and there's nothing wrong with that.


The Scottish name Mackenzie can be spelled a couple different ways — either way, there are a bunch of cool nicknames for it: Mac, Ken, Mackie, etc.


Micha actually originates from Michael and is translated as "who is like god". The pronunciation also varies typically between boys and girls, but you do you and pick whatever pronunciation and spelling you want.


The name Parker comes from France as "keeper of the park." Who knows, maybe your little Parker will have an affinity for parks.


A mystical bird, A phoenix is known to obtain new life by arising from the ashes of it is predecessor. That's pretty awesome.


The name Reese translates to "fiery" and in a way, that seems pretty spot on in defining the most popular actress with name: Reese Witherspoon. As a matter of fact, she's not a bad role model for your child to look up to.


The meaning of Riley is: valiant. Picturing your child to grow up as a courageous person is probably giving you all the feels right now.


Rory is originally a male name, but it's also the name of our favorite Gilmore Girl character. Well, one of them at least.


Ryan means "little king" and that's probably exactly what you'll you'll think of your baby when they arrive: that they're more special than royalty.


It's a popular name for boys and girls, and typically a shortened version of either Samuel or Samantha, but you can be bold and just opt for the abbreviated version of Sam. It's short and sweet and they'll probably send you thanks every time they fill out a form.


Skyler is a Dutch name that means "scholar" so maybe your baby will be an academic — or at least hopefully get good grades.


The name Sydney is French in origin and while typically a more popular girl's name, it suits boys as well.


There are so many cool celebs named Taylor from musical sensation Taylor Swift to Taylor Kitsch, so you know your kid is in good company.


Quinn is more popular as an Irish surname which means wisdom, reason, and intelligence, but it makes such a unique first name as well.

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