33 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Capture The Joys & Horrors Of Parenthood


Parenting a toddler can often times feel like an Olympic sport in its own right: it's incredibly tiring, character-building, and can frequently feel like as if you're doing the impossible. Instead of gold medals though, your reward comes in the form of "unique" refrigerator drawings and morning snuggles with your 2-year-old. (And I'm pretty sure most Olympic athletes don't have a laundry basket full of t-shirts with pudding stains.) Being a parent can sometimes feel simultaneously like both the best and the worst job in the world, as proven through these parenting tweets from some of Twitter's most hysterical parents.

After being woken up by your kids at 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday merely because they "wanted to say hi," you probably feel like your patience (and your sanity) are being cruelly tested. Your job is pretty thankless, but luckily you're never alone: these hilarious parents can 100 percent relate to your parenting woes. You're overworked, exhausted, and in desperate need of a vacation — without the kids, for once. So take a seat and explore what fellow parents have to say about their daily struggles. You might not be an Olympic athlete, but you most definitely deserve gold medals for parenting.

1. Sounds Like Fun, Right?

Or applesauce. Or anything sticky, really.

2. Let's Just Order Pizza

Please, please no more fighting over chicken fingers.

3. Every Single Day

Sorry, honey, but I don't want to watch you do a somersault for the 125th time.

4. Slow Progress Is Still Progress

Anything beats them fighting over a fast food toy.

5. Not Again

I'll pass.

6. #SorryNotSorry

Maybe it's in between the couch cushions?

7. Ain't Misbehavin'

Who knows, maybe that really is true.

8. #Truth

A mimosa is a rite of passage for an overworked mother.

9. I Don't Blame You

Who doesn't?

10. Family Fun?

Ah, the sweet, sweet sound of your kids bickering during an eight-hour car ride.

11. Bless You, Packing Tape


12. More Math, More Problems

Math does more harm than good. So does homework.

13. Future Gold Medalist?

Who's the real winner here?

14. #Savage

All teenagers do is complain. It's their job.

15. Gold Medal Mom

They'll learn the truth someday. Today is not that day.

16. Hear What You Want To Hear

They sure can, sweetie!

17. Pretty Much

I'm a gold medalist.

18. Clock-Watching

It couldn't come quicker.

19. How Does It Sound?

You'll get used to it.

20. Party On, Mom

Sounds absolutely thrilling.

21. #MomProblems

Cause of death: shopping for school supplies.

22. A Little Of Both?

Pretty sure she didn't have to spend her Friday night supervising an 8-year-old's slumber party.

23. #Maturity


24. Quit Bragging

So I win.

25. #Nope

It's a lie, but they just are going to have to find that out themselves.

26. Childhood Woes

Don't worry. The world isn't that cruel.

27. #Same

Sad but true.

28. Sounds Delicious?

You'll get through this. I believe in you.

29. #Ugh

An absolute inspiration.

30. Screw You, Griffin

That's why washing machines exist, Griffin.

31. Please Come Quicker

Have no fear, that day is not far off.

32. #Whoops

And sometimes, you might even call them your pets' names.

33. Lyrical Genius

I'd listen to that.