33 Photos Of Puppies That Are Too Cute To Be Real

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It's so easy to fall in love with puppies. Their huge, soulful eyes, chubby bellies, and furry bodies grab you right in the feels and never let go. My favorites are the puppies that are too cute to be real. Or ones that just exude pure joy (which is basically every puppy). I mean, there's a reason why people love to just walk into a room full of puppies, right? It's like walking into a warm hug full of love.

Almost every puppy is a darling one, just because small things tug at your heart strings. Still, I have to confess my partiality to Golden Retrievers. I don't think it's possible for a golden pup to be anything but a heartbreaker on four legs. But give me the floppy ears of a dachshund, the tubby tummy on a corgi, or the smushed mug of a pug, and I will coo at them all, too. So if you need a big huge dose of dopamine, scroll through all 33 pictures of sweet puppies that are so cute, they can't possibly be real. Don't you just want to hug each one and bury your nose in their warm little bodies? Even Cruella de Vil can't resist these pups.

1. This Adorable Teddy Pup

Is this a teddy bear posing with his fellow stuffed animals or a puppy pausing for a photo op? Spoiler alert: Mo the Maltipoo is 100% real, even though he looks like a toy disguised as a dog. I'll bet he gives the best kisses.

2. Two Very Good Boys

Puppies cuddling up with their BFFs can melt even the coldest heart into a puddle. Every doggo needs a hug now and again. Especially from a very good boy.

3. Somebody Love Me, Please?

How could you deny this little pup anything while he's looking at you with those eyes? Yes, you can sleep on my head. You can have whatever you want, you precious thing.

4. Ready For Adventure

Dapper Kylo, a charcoal lab, waits by the door for his human to take him on an outing. He's the kind of puppy it would take hours to walk because of all his adoring puparazzi. Just. Look. At. That. Bowtie. I stan a canine fashion icon.

5. Floppy Ears Are The Best Ears

This Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has the most perfect set of floppy ears. They're the kind that you'd gladly give 100 brush strokes because of how soft they feel. No wonder they call this breed "king."

6. Sleepy Little Dude

It's so sweet how puppies will crawl and nestle just about anywhere on you for a much-needed siesta. Nala chose her human's leg. No time like the present for a nap; no place like your heart for a pup's home.

7. Duck, Duck, Doggie

This picture quacks me up, seriously. Barkley is giving his plush duck a run for its feathers in the quest to be America's next top lovey. It's a toss-up who's the softest, but my money's on the doggie.

8. This Blue-Eyed Boy

I am obsessed with River, the blue merle mini Australian shepherd, and his ridiculously fluffy fur. Don't you just want to bury your face in it? He almost looks like he would snuggle you back.

9. C'mon, Let's Play!

Corgis take the show with their round middles and stubby little legs. The adorable mitts on this little guy, Tater Tot, make me want to "shake hands" with him. What an angel he is.

10. Hot Diggety Dog, He's Cute!

Those droopy ears. Those oversized paws. What's not to love about weiner dogs, especially when they're a dappled doxie like Tegan? It's cuteness overload.

11. That Wittle Blue Tongue

Bigger means better snuggles when you have a fluffy chow chow puppy. Makes you want to curl up with them on a sofa. That characteristic blue-black tongue hanging out of Mishka's mouth is literally the sweetest thing.

12. Um, Mom? Stahp.

If that precious dog didn't have a harness on, you'd have to stare a bit longer to see if she was real. She is, of course — no stuffed pup could serve such face. French bulldogs and their tiny, wrinkly faces look so fed up with us humans, it's hilarious. Mabel the Frenchie does not look amused, but I sure I am.

13. It's A Ruff Life

Lovely day outside for a snooze, isn't it? I imagine Big Mac probably ran a few laps in the grass, rolled around, and gulped all that fresh air. It's a hard knock life for pups.

14. Be There In A Dash

How is a human supposed to get anything done — including driving — with those peepers staring you down? I was today years old when I discovered pugs make the cutest dashboard buddies. (But only when the car is parked).

15. Every "Bear" Needs A Bear

Is it meta if a dog whose name means "bear" nuzzles with his own stuffed bear? Look at that sleepy boy with his BFF! The bear might have seen better days, but I don't think his canine pal Oso minds it one bit.

16. It's Spooky Poochie SZN

Which is more perfect: the mini pumpkin or the (Malti)poo? Chiffon barely has a head over that gourd. I wouldn't be surprised if the vegetable weighs more!

17. It's Cold, Mom

With their thick, luscious coats, huskies are born for cold climates. However, I don't think this snow-dusted puppy seems very entertained at the powdery covering. It's snow problem, little guy. Just shake it off.

18. Sunny Side Up

Bigger puppies are pawsome, too! Mighty Myles has a heart full of play, ready for fun whenever the sun is shining. But to keep it real, life is always golden with a dog this gorgeous.

19. All The Floof

What do you get when you mix a Shih Tzu with a poodle? A "floof," according to Ollie's person. In other words, an unbelievably delightful fur ball ready for fun.

20. Peek-A-Pup

Hide-and-seek with a snow-white dog must be comical, especially if their faces peek from behind a bush or a tree. Saya the Samoyed may be pale like a ghost, but she's not scary in the least. I'd let her come find me any day.

21. Say What?

I cannot deal with those ears. Baxter probably doesn't miss a beat with his perky set always on the alert. Still, doesn't he look like he dares you to repeat that ear joke?

22. Just Heart-Warming

Something about a puppy's eyes occasionally make them appear to be sad. Maybe Charly the golden retriever was just ready for a cool drink of water after her walk. Sad or not, that look always makes me want to scoop a pup into my arms like a baby and carry them home.

23. That Smirk Tho

Honestly, have you ever seen a puppy with a smirk. This little guy is called a cavapoo, which is a mixture of a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I think he's a mixture of adorable and sassy, myself.

EllenMoran/E+/Getty Images

24. The Tiniest Nugget

This sweet little one is so tiny and new, their eyes aren't even open. Obsessed with that tiny pink nose and those itty bitty ears.

Michael Tagoe/Moment/Getty Images

25. The Proudest Puppy

Have you ever seen a prouder pup? This little one is so happy to be out with their person, and also seem super happy to get their tiny paws wiped down. (I mean, who wouldn't be?)

chee gin tan/E+/Getty Images

26. Ol' Blue Eyes

This cutie is a Border Collie puppy with the sweetest blue eyes, and I just know they are so ready to play for real with their people. The little paw batting at their owner's hand is too much.


27. Mini Wishbone

Does anyone remember the '90s children's show Wishbone? Where a perky little Jack Russell Terrier acted out famous works of literature? OK, this pup looks exactly like a tiny baby version of Wishbone, and I love him.


28. Hi, Friend

Seriously. How perfect is a tiny puppy trying to become BFFs with an older dog? This Golden Retriever puppy might even be sidling up to his own mama, which makes the sweet photo even cuter.


29. Even Cruella Couldn't Hurt These Puppies

What's better than one puppy? An entire basket of Dalmatian puppies as their parents look adoringly on. This is a perfect Disney movie scene, but even Cruella couldn't resist how cute these pups are.


30. Inquisitive Pup

I have no idea why this puppy is so curious or inquisitive looking, but I hope someone answers him or her ASAP. He is too precious to leave in the dark. (Look. At. Those. Wrinkles.)


31. Time For A Style Session

Literally, have you ever seen anyone happier to get a haircut than this puppy? Grooming is just part of being a dog owner, but I think if my pup looked this happy every time they needed a bath or haircut, I'd enjoy it a lot more.


32. Say, "Cheese!"

French Bulldogs just look like puppies all the time anyway, but these actual puppies are just too much. Their sweet little pot bellies and those pointy ears are so cute.


33. Pure Joy

Now imagine this puppy and this puppy face greeting you every day when you come home from work — the absolute best, right? There is nothing like the pure joy and love from a puppy.