35 Fun & Quiet Toys For Little Kids That Won’t Annoy You

by Bianca Mendez

Who knew kids’ toys could be so noisy? Seeking out quiet and fun toys for kids becomes a necessity when rattles, high-tech beeping toys, and talking stuffed animals seem to be the only thing you hear at home. Thankfully, there are some toys out there that recognize the importance of silence.

Loud toys are not all they’re cracked up to be. For one, you’ll get a massive headache hearing your kid bang on the same button over and over again. Also, most of them require batteries, meaning when a toy is drained, all you're left with is a crying tot. Next time you hit the store, save yourself the agony by choosing one of the many toys that don't make noise. After all, the high-tech toys you see today didn’t exist 20 years ago, and people were just as happy with old-school blocks and dolls. These toys will inspire kids to use their imagination, get creative, plus learn how to count, write, and refine their developmental skills without extra assistance from a talking dog.

Featuring puzzles, blocks, and a few retro toys from my own childhood (looking at you, Raggedy Ann), this mix will give you tons of variety for your kiddos. Hopefully, your kid will find his or her next favorite toy on this list. And if you’re not a mom but looking for a gift for a family member or friend's kids, you can’t go wrong with these quiet kids toys. The mom will love you forever.


A Wooden Maze

Melissa & Doug First Bead Maze, $15, Amazon

This portable bead maze will help your kid pass the time at home or while traveling. It features 18 wooden beads that spin, twirl, and slide through rings. Your tyke won't just be mesmerized by this toy's colors and where the beads go, but it also helps with motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


A Kooky Block Puzzle

Rolimate Educational Preschool Wooden Cube Block Jigsaw Puzzle, $10, Amazon

This wooden puzzle is actually six in one. Nine jumbo blocks come together to depict an adorable animal illustration, including a silly tiger and a happy rhino. And since the blocks are big, you don't have to worry about choking hazards.


A Colorful Stacking Board

Boxiki Geometric Shape Stacker, $20, Amazon

A fun 3D puzzle for toddlers who are ready to take on a challenge. This stacking board features colorful geometric shapes that invite your kid to discover the multiple ways it can be put together. It teaches kids colors and shapes, and tunes their hand-eye coordination skills.


A Squeeze And Stack Block Set

Infantino Squeeze & Stack Block Set, $8, Amazon

These soft and squeezable blocks are intended for six months and older, and their super soft form make it fun for little ones to build, tear down, and build again. Perfect for your little architect.


A Rocking Horse

Little Tykes Rocking Horse, $30, Amazon

A childhood staple, this rocking horse will keep your kid entertained for hours. I especially love the seat that looks secure enough to keep your kid from falling off this adorable magenta horse. The only noise you'll hear is the sweet giggles from your kid having a blast.


Baby's First Blocks

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks, $22, Amazon

It's sometimes the quiet toys are sometimes the most fun. It's why this Fisher-Price block set has been a favorite for years. Babies will have a blast putting the shapes in their correct holes, then dumping them out again.


Magnetic Toys

Magnetic Building Blocks, $20, Amazon

The possibilities are endless with these magnetic building blocks. With 76 pieces, your toddler can create fun shapes from flowers to trucks and more. The set also features a how-to booklet, so your kid never runs out of things to build.


A Quirky Caterpillar Toy

Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Gear Toy, $10, Amazon

This fun, colorful caterpillar toy suits both babies and toddlers alike. Kids will have a blast taking the gears apart and putting them back together, while youner tots will be fascinated with making the caterpillar move by turning the gears.


A Geared Hedgehog

Wooden Wonders Gizmo the Hedgecog Gear Puzzle, $18, Amazon

This adorable geared hedgehog wants to teach your kid all about gears. Your curious toddler will be fascinated by how these 11 colorful gears spin simultaneously. They'll have fun putting the gears on the board and watching them work.


Rainbow Ring Stacker

Playgro Rainbow Color Rock 'n' Stack Toy, $9, Amazon

Featuring seven rings and a ball topper, this ring stack is a favorite toy for babies and toddlers. Kids will learn about color, shape, and size as they stack these jumbo rings onto the wooden base.


Raggedy Ann

Raggedy Ann Doll, $19, Amazon

Some more nostalgic fun. Raggedy Ann is just an adorable, cuddly rag doll that you can't help but love. I mean, look at her embroidered face.


Let's Play House

Melissa & Doug Let's Play House!, $24, Amazon

Next time your kids complain about being bored, get them to help around the house. This Melissa & Doug cleaning set features a broom, duster, and mop for make-believe cleaning. They play quietly while learn the importance of chores — a big win for moms.


A Jumbo Coloring Book

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Animal Coloring Pad, $5, Amazon

An old school way to ensure happy playtime sans noise. This coloring book has pages of adorable outlined animals. Pages work well with any time of art medium and tear out easily for times when sharing is necessary.


Crayons For Your Coloring Book

Crayola My First Palm Grip Crayons, $12 (6 Count), Amazon

What good is a coloring book without a set of crayons? This crayon set is ideal for toddlers because the egg-shaped jumbo size of the crayons allows for the perfect palm grip. And good news for parents: they're washable.



Play-Doh 10-Pack, $8, Amazon

Come on, remember how much fun Play-Doh was when you were a kid? This 10-pack comes in a variety of colors, so kids can mold whatever their hearts desire, making it the best quiet time toy.


A Wobbly Owl

Kid O Wobbles Owl, $9, Amazon

Toddlers will get a kick out of watching this owl wiggle, wobble, and roll, all without making a sound. No matter which direction this direction this owl goes, it always finds its way back up. I guarantee that this owl will keep your kids entertained so you can enjoy your own "me time."


A Quiet Baby Doll

JC Toys, La Baby Soft Play Doll, $20, Amazon

A doll that features life-like features and a huggable body – almost like a real baby — only this one doesn't make a peep. No cry noises, lullabies, or any other sounds will be heard from this toy. Just a cute doll to encourage pretend playtime.


LEGO Duplo Set

LEGO Duplo Building Blocks, $24, Amazon

Another favorite from my childhood, LEGO Duplo guarantees fun playtime. What's great about this set, is that the blocks are bigger, making it easier for tots to handle. The pack also contains fun car shapes and action figures for extra fun. Just whatever you do, don't step on one.


A Farmers Market Set

Learning Resources New Sprouts Market Set, $40, Amazon

Teach your kid about food and healthy eating with this adorable market set by Learning Resources. Each piece of food is soft and easy to hold for fun, hands-on playtime without the noise.


A Sticker Pad

Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad, $5, Amazon

Sticker pads are great toys to for quiet playtime on-the-go. This one features more than 245 stickers and five scenes for endless combinations. And these stickers are reusable, which is an added plus in my book.


Wooden Blocks

Small World Toys Bag O' Blocks, $18, Amazon

A block set, just like the you grew up with. This bag features 50 oversized blocks comprised of different wooden shapes. Now your kid can build sky-high castles and towers for hours.


Farm Animal Puzzle

Hape Farm Animals Wooden Puzzle, $10, Amazon

Introduce your baby to farm animals with this charming wooden puzzle. It has 10 cute pieces that your baby will enjoy putting together. The adorable animals are painted on, and have knobs for your little one to practice gripping.


Teddy Bear Dress-Up Puzzle

Melissa & Doug Wooden Bear Family Dress-Up Puzzle, $15, Amazon

This wooden bear puzzle features a bear family who needs help getting dressed. Kids can change the bears' clothing and silly facial expressions with any one of the 45 pieces. The puzzle also doubles as a box for easy storage and is suitable for sharing.


A Classic Dump Truck

CAT Tough Tracks The Feel of Real Dump Truck, $17, Amazon

No sounds, bells, or whistles to be heard from this dump truck. In fact, it doesn't even include batteries. It's a simple toy for kids to push around indoors and outdoors.


An Abacus

Lewo Wooden Abacus, $16, Amazon

This brightly colored abacus will teach your kids counting and basic math skills without the need for talking or music. It has 10 rows featuring 10 beads that are color coordinated to entertain and educate your kid all day. The dragon on the sides adds a nice touch, too.


A Noiseless Activity Center

Boikido Wooden Counting Station, $49, Amazon

Not all activity centers are flashy with lights, sounds, and music. This counting station proves to do all that, minus the noise. With a bead maze, abacus, and other fun features, your toddler will be on the fast track to preschool and have fun while learning. And this activity station isn't just numbers – there's also a blackboard for drawing and writing.


Stackable Cups

The First Years Stacking Up Cups, $4, Amazon

There is so much your baby can do with stackable cups. From stacking them to building towers and pyramids, this toy is a simple, quiet way for baby to improve on hand-eye coordination, and learn about colors and sizes. The set comes with eight cups in a variety of colors.


Dauber Dots

Dauber Dawgs Markers, $17, Amazon

Dauber Dawgs take markers to a whole new level. They have a sphere top that emits a dotty design when kids color. All markers are BPA-free and non toxic, making them a great choice.


(Relatively) Silent Bowling Set

Melissa & Doug K's Kids Bowling Friends Set, $18, Amazon

I know, bowling sets aren't what people think as "quiet," but these are different. Both the ball and pins are made out of plastic, so you'll barely hear a thing when they're knocked down. Also, I love how the pins look like animals, making this the cutest bowling set ever.


A Form-Fitter Toy That Helps Develop Tons Of Important Skills

Playskool Form Fitter, $10, Amazon

This educational toy will keep your little one entertained for hours, and you’ll be grateful that it doesn’t have any noisy bells or whistles. It includes a big cube with cutouts and variously-shaped pieces, with the goal of correctly placing them inside. The form-fitter is made of safe materials and helps develop cognitive, sensory, and fine-motor skills, while providing a fun challenge for kids up to 18 months.

“It doesn't matter that there are only three kinds of same board; it encourages and makes toddlers feel achieved by easily find the right shape of holes,” one parent writes. “Now my toddler carries it everyday, holding it to sleep, when wake up, playing with it immediately.”


A Colorful Dry Erase For Encouraging Creativity

TONOR Magnetic Colorful Erasable, $19, Amazon

Encourage artistic and written development with this erasable drawing board, which features a multi-color screen display. Suitable for kids 2 years old and up, it includes a pen that’s connected to a cable so it doesn’t get lost, and is made of all safe, non-toxic materials. It features a carrying handle and is super lightweight, so it’s a great toy to keep in your diaper bag to keep kids busy in waiting rooms, the car, and while running errands, all while promoting creativity.


A Peek-A-Book Forest Critter Book That You Can Wash

Lamaze Peek-A-Boo Forest, $12, Amazon

Both silent and sanitary, this colorful pop-out book is machine-washable and features a story of peek-a-boo animals living in a forest. It was designed with help from developmental experts with babies and toddlers in mind, to encourage hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Parents love that it’s virtually indestructible and is made out of a crinkly material that babies love. Since it’s not too bulky, it makes for a great diaper bag toy.


A Set Of Three Truck Toys For Imaginative Playtime

Friction Powered Cars Construction Vehicle Toys, $16, Amazon

Get three toys for under $20 with this friction-powered car set, which includes a sweeper, mixer, and harvester. Ideal for toddlers between 1 and 3 years old, each “construction vehicle” does something different: The street sweeper has rotating brushes, the cement truck a turning mixer, and the harvester spins. It makes for totally quiet playing that encourages your child’s imagination, and requires no batteries or setup.


Safe And Silent Building Blocks For All Ages

Click N' Play Non-toxic Foam Blocks, $12, Amazon

Let your child build their own city, castle, or world with this 60-set of colorful foam blocks — without any clicking and clanking. They’re all different sizes and are even waterproof, so they can be brought in the tub, pool, or outdoors. Safe for all skin types, these fun blocks are recommended for kids ages 3 years old and up, though reviewers with young toddlers say they have just as much fun a time playing with them as their older siblings do.


Mr. Potato Head

Playskool Mr. Potato Head Set, $18, Amazon

The Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story may have been a non-stop talker, but this one doesn't make a sound. With a set of more than 15 pieces, your tot will never get bored changing Mr. Potato Head's outfit and face. He may not talk or sing like the other character toys, but let's keep him that way.

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