35 Hilarious Tweets That Capture What Parenthood Is Really Like


Parents truly come in all shapes and sizes. Some might be Type A moms who refuse to purchase anything that isn't 100 percent organic, while others might not have seen the floor of your living room in weeks due to the mess of toys and dirty socks engulfing it. Despite how vastly parents can differ from one another, there are certain aspects of parenthood that all of us can certainly relate to — the tantrums, sticky fingers and lack of sleep — as made clear in this week's round-up of priceless parenting tweets.

It's easy to feel alone when you're a parent. Sometimes, it's just you and your thoughts — and your screaming toddler, of course — and you forget that there are other moms out there that are also drowning in laundry and empty juice box cartons. You're not the only parent who forgot to pick her kids up from daycare yesterday, or the sole mom who showed up to a PTA meeting with an applesauce stain on her blouse. Despite the wide array of parenting styles and "mom types" that exist, what you'll all always have in common with others is how much you love your kids. And that you wouldn't trade any of your exhausting, hilarious parenting moments for anything in the world.


Spoiler alert: they can't.

2How Profound

She might really be on to something.

3Like Father, Like Son

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

4Target For The Win

Please and thank you.

5Friendship Goals

Once you find them, never let them go.


I couldn't agree more.

7Not Again

Excess sand is responsible for roughly 84 percent of my anxiety.


Truly remarkable.

9Rain, Rain Don't Go Away


10How Dare He

Thanks a lot, kid.


The worst kinds of people.

12Millennials Know Nothing

He'll learn one day. Hopefully.


Parenting done right.

14No Sleep, No Problem?

Yeah, I'll pass.

15Sounds Good To Me

I see nothing wrong with this.

16Time Flies

There's still a level of danger, though.

17Danger, Danger

Stay. Away.

18Nope, Not That

Maybe like a firefighter or something.


Why didn't I think of that?

20Rookie Mistake

You set yourself up for that one.

21True Mystery

I'm honestly wondering here.

22Spot On

Two-year-old logic is the best kind of logic.

23Back To School Drama

My thoughts and prayers are with every mother who has to shop for school supplies this week.

24No Chance

They really had to even ask?


Been there. Thought that.

26Little Angels

How sweet.

27Crisis Averted

Hey, it could happen.

28Reading Is Fun, Trust Me

How admirable.

29Truly Chilling

Straight out of my nightmares.

30Wine Is Happiness

She knows you too well.

31Future Prodigy?

I'm sure you're very confident in her abilities.

32Silence Is Golden

Little does he know.


I don't blame her.

34No No No

You must have some sort of death wish.

35Mom Or Einstein?

It'll be our little secret.