35 Hysterical Parenting Tweets From Twitter's Funniest Parents


If you're a parent, then you definitely understand what it feels like to never have enough hours in a day, and you can most likely feel the gray hairs forming on your head during each and every argument between your toddler and your 5-year-old. Any hour of extra sleep you can manage feels like a gift from the gods; squeezing in a manicure every couple of months seems like a superhuman feat. Through the midst of this craziness, however, one can certainly see the humor in it all, which is made especially clear through this week's set of funniest parenting tweets, written by some of Twitter's most hilarious parents.

Your life may feel like it's in constant chaos, whether this be in the form of your toddler's disarrayed play room or the endless pile of dirty dishes in the sink that never seems to shrink. Despite the madness, never forget that being a parent is one of the greatest jobs in the world, even if it requires a little less sleep and a lot more caffeine. If you're in need of a morale boost, take some time to scroll through these hilarious parenting tweets, because laughter can often times be the cure to an overly hectic lifestyle.

1. Never Again

Been there. Tried that.

2. #TeenagerProblems

You really have to admire their determination.

3. Let Me Sleep

Sounds fair to me.

4. #Same

It's all fun and games until you find a a wedge of cheese lodged under the couch cushions.

5. How Evil

Or any article of clothing, for that matter.

6. #MomLife

Sometimes even 10 minutes, if you're lucky.

7. Sound Logic

This is one thing I'll never understand.

8. Makes Sense To Me

Well, I can't argue with that.

9. Why Oh Why

Feel you.

10. A Phone Call Away

Let's be real here. He wouldn't answer.

11. What's Your Secret?


12. A Dangerous Place

Stay away. Stay far away.

13. Practice Makes Perfect

Part of parenting is pretending that you enjoy sitting through soccer practice.

14. Toilet Paper Conundrum

They're probably both winning.

15. Not Again

A parent's worst nightmare.

16. Headaches For Days

I am so, so sorry.

17. #MomLife

And you probably won't think straight until they've finally moved out.

18. Lunch Time Blues

You can never win with 3-year-olds.

19. Totally Worth It

More like 3 percent of the time.

20. Yikes

Well, he has to learn sometime.

21. Rookie Mistake

You win some, you lose some.

22. Told You So

If you don't have kids, you just don't get it.

23. Netflix Is Life

Can you blame him?

24. #MomGoals

Teach me your ways.

25. Way Too Long

Totally accurate.

26. #Awkweird

At least he's efficient.

27. A Daily Occurrence

This is why parents can never sleep in on weekends.

28. Mother's Day Problems

And more dishes to wash.

29. Sounds Like Me

Can you blame them, though?

30. Grocery Shopping Nightmare

It's not, but it should be.

31. Sad But True

Alcohol exists for a reason.

32. Donuts Cure Everything

Pretty sure I have the Mondays, too.

33. Making Mom Proud

It's a pretty big accomplishment, if you ask me.

34. No Social Life, No Problem

It's true.

35. Aren't We All?

Parenting in a nutshell.