37 Hilarious Parenting Tweets From Twitter's Funniest Parents


Did you spend your morning carpooling your bickering kids to school, and your afternoon fishing the maple syrup from today's breakfast disaster out of your hair? Good. Then you are just in time to scroll through this week's round-up of funniest parenting tweets.

Being a mom is no doubt the most difficult job out there. You almost never get recognition for all of the endless hours of laundry, cooking and cleaning you do, and often times your effort goes unnoticed or feels under-appreciated. For instance, no matter how many hours you slave in the kitchen cooking dinner, your 6-year-old will always seem to prefer macaroni and cheese. Luckily, there are millions of others out there who understand exactly how you're feeling: all of the hilarious parents on Twitter, who are more than happy to share a few of their hilarious — and sometimes horrifying — parenting experiences or stories.

It's probably been a long and strenuous week, but luckily with the weekend right around the corner you'll finally have some extra time to sit back, relax, and maybe even sleep in. Wait, just kidding. Moms never really get to sleep in -- at least not while you're raising a toddler.


Actually pretty peeved I didn’t think of this first.

2In My Dreams

Maybe one day I’ll experience this firsthand.

3Sound Logic

Can you blame her?

4*Pats Back*

You deserve a medal of some sort.



6It's The Little Things

We all have to grow up eventually.

7Get Me Out Of Here

Even three minutes is pushing it.


Can't argue with that logic.


Proud of you!

10Could Be Worse

At least you didn't find it on the floor.

11True Life

You better hope your tolerance is sky high.

12Breakfast Of Champions

Happens to the best of us.


Who were you kidding?!

14Could've Been Me

Who knew 6-year-olds had such great style?


It's true.

16Rookie Mistake

Whoops. Better luck next time.


And you probably have more dignity than I do.

18I'm A Cool Mom

What kind of logic is that?!

19Sorry Not Sorry

They better watch out.

20Why Oh Why

They'll grow out of it one day. Hopefully.


Sounds like a blast.

22Wet Wipes For Days

It's understandable.

23That's Reassuring

Good to know things always get better!

24Sit And Stay

Me as a parent.

25Dream Big

There is no greater gift.

26Marriage Summed Up

Feel you.

27Everything Ends In Tears

It’s like a ticking time bomb.

28100% Accurate

I can confirm.


Being a parent does that to you.

30How About No

I silently judge any parent that does this.


Bless you.

32Help Me

Pretty much sums it up.


Is she wrong, though?

34Oh No

Pretty much the same thing, right?

35Wise Words

Good thinking.

36Not Again

I can feel the gray hairs growing after every drive to school.

37Life On The Edge

You rebel, you.