39 Funny Tweets About Kids And Food That Show The Picky Eater Struggle Is Real


Since becoming a mom, I've learned not to take food so seriously. Sure, it's important to feed your kids healthy foods, but when you're the parent of a picky eater, more often than not, meal time automatically turns into survival mode. And since misery (or pickiness in this case) loves company, funny tweets about kids and food from parents who have been there probably won't convince your kids to eat their dinner, but they will definitely prove that you're not alone in the dinnertime struggle.

Before I had kids I had grand aspirations for myself as a mom. I pictured myself as a wise, nurturing mother who would only feed her always obedient children organic, free-range, gluten free, non-GMO meals. We would sit down to dinner and my kids would eat all of their food, responding with a polite "thank you for dinner, mommy" and then we'd go on our merry way.

Now that I'm the mother of a toddler and an almost-toddler, let's just say that my mindset has changed a bit since my pre-mom days. Most of the time, I'm lucky to get my daughter to finish an entire meal that doesn't completely consist of goldfish crackers and bananas.

If you too are the parent of a picky eater, or "child" as most people call them, these tweets will resonate with you. And if your child hasn't yet reached these lengths of opinionated-ness, may the odds be ever in your favor.

1. Selective Finders

You'll never chop them small enough.

2. Opposite Game

A word to the wise: choose your words very carefully.

3. Trade Off

It's a nightly battle.

4. The 75 Percent

On the plus side, the more kids you have, the percentage can only go up.

5. Lay Down The Law

Sometimes a mamas gotta do what she's gotta do.

6. Hidden Talents

At some point, every parent turns into a food magician.

7. Keep It Simple

At least he covered two basic food groups, right?

8. Waffles Versus Pancakes

There is apparently a very distinct difference.

9. Three Different Meals

Do we look like cook-to-order chefs?

10. No Bacon Please

Who doesn't like bacon though?

11. Noddles All Day

Especially when it's not payday yet.

12. Trial And Error

We always know how it will end up, but yet we persist in cooking new gourmet things that aren't mac and cheese.

13. A Wide Variety

But never veggies shaped like hotdogs.

14. When The Unthinkable Happens

When the stars align and all the kids like the same meal, all I can say is don't blink. Because it will never happen again.

15. Limited Menu

Since when did "mom" become synonymous with "sous chef"?

16. Secret Happy Meal

They'll never be able to tell the difference, right?

17. Four Course Meal

Except they'll only take two and a half bites of each.

18. Donuts Versus Prunes

If your kid falls on the "healthy picky" side, never complain.

19. Emotional Eating

It's natural to have very strong feelings about dinner, right?

20. More For Us

If half-eaten chicken nuggets and mac and cheese are your forte, you're in luck.

21. Infected Pizza

It's kind of the same thing.

22. None Of The Above

At least she's honest.

23. Thinking Ahead

You might as well add master planner to your list of accomplishments too.

24. Hold The Salad

"I'll take a salad with no lettuce, veggies, or dressing, please mom".

25. Everything Is Candy

Everything turns into candy with a little bit of imagination.

26. Sneaky

The next time your kid takes their plate to that bathroom, you'll know why.

27. Dog/Toddler Food

Dog food is fair game. Salad is poison.

28. Constructive Criticism

You're actually insulting me out of love right?

29. Food Trolls

It's all just a game to them.

30. One Of Those Days

Wine pairs wells with chicken nuggets, just so you know.

31. Refined Tastes

Some kids err on the other side of picky.

32. Breakfast In Bed

You are, that's who.

33. A Battle Of Wits

It'll stop them in their tracks every time.

34. Child's Logic

Oh, ok. Since your back hurts.

35. Bread Is Bread

If it has the word "bread" in it, it's fair game.

36. A Downhill Battle

Why do they make those holes so small anyway?

37. Sacrificial Love

Which is every single time they eat.

38. An Equation For Failure

Picky eaters plus airplane food don't mix.

39. Mixed Messages

When it comes to cookies, what they don't know won't hurt them.