39 Inventive Products On Amazon That Protect The Klutz Inside All Of Us

Klutzes of the world — you are not alone. Lots of people smack their heads against countless doors, spill an infinite numbers of drinks, and fall just trying to walk a straight line. These 40 inventive products on Amazon that protect the klutz inside all of us are pretty much guaranteed to make you and all fellow klutzes just a wee bit less adorably clumsy. Or at least it will seem that way to the outside world when you host your next party (and that's all that matters because your natural klutzy self is also totally charming).

From shatter-proof glasses that will never break — no matter how many times you drop them on the way to serve guests in your backyard — to rug grippers that keep you from slipping and sliding all over your house, this list of highly rated products includes genius options that help make you just a little less klutzy.

The variety of extraordinary products you'll find here in one place truly runs the gamut from tough-as-nails gloves that can withstand contact with the sharpest of knives (a must for chefs with two left hands) to a super cool volcano microwave oven cleaner that will remind you of your sixth grade science fair project.

You're perfect just the way you are — accident-prone and all — but these amazing products will help keep you safe and prevent spills and messes, making your life a whole lot less stressful.


This Protective Rug Gripper That Keeps Area Rugs From Slipping

These 5-inch by 7-inch rug gripper pads protect wood and hard floors from wear and ensure your area rugs don't slip out from under you. These non-adhesive pads are reversible, can be vacuumed without causing wear, and come in more than 20 sizes, including round and square.


These Cut-Resistant Gloves That Keep Hands Safe

Whether you use these cut-resistant gloves while prepping food or making basic repairs around the house, they'll absolutely protect your hands from painful cuts and scrapes. These durable gloves are four times stronger than leather, and are both food safe and washable. They come in four sizes for the perfect fit and grip and aren't at all bulky — so you can wear them while working (on a project or dinner).


An Insulated Travel Mug That Never Tips Over Or Ruins Your Computer

Take the most risky thing about coffee mugs — that they can fall and break any and all electronics on the table — out of the equation and you're left with this amazing 16-ounce mug, which absolutely won't fall over, no matter how hard you try to tip it over. The double-walled mug is insulated and sweat-proof, fits in car cup holders, and comes in six colors.


The Most Convenient Cup Holder That Attaches To The Arm Of Your Chair

You won't even have to bend over to grab your drink (and risk spilling it) when you attach this convenient drink holder right to the arm of your sofa. The couch coaster drapes over most chair arms, stays put, fits most cups, and comes in five colors. One reviewer writes: "This drink holder fits perfectly around the wide arm of my recliner, and it stays in place. It holds whatever size of cups or glassware I have placed in it, without tipping or spilling any of the liquid contents -- even on those few occasions when I have accidentally knocked against the cup or holder with an errant arm."


These Reusable Oven Liners That Capture Greasy Spills

Line the inside of your oven with these reusable oven liners, which are made from eco-friendly and heat-resistant (up to 500 degrees) fiberglass, and they'll keep food, grease, and oil from pans from dripping and sticking to oven surfaces. The liners are dishwasher-safe and large enough to fit most ovens: and are absolutely perfect for anyone who just likes to place the frozen pizza directly onto the oven rack.


A Car Seat Gap Filler That Stops You From Losing Your Keys

Featured on Shark Tank, this genius car seat gap filler sits snug in that space between car seats and the console, where countless items like keys and phones love to fall and get lost. Each set comes with two fillers that attach to the seat belt — and they're simple to install and fit all car seats, too.


The Peel-Off Cuticle Protector For Perfect DIY Manicures

The most perfect at-home manicure of your life is just one product away: apply this peel-off cuticle protector around nails prior to polishing them. Any nail polish that slides off unexpectedly will be captured by the tape — then simply peel off the tape, and you're left with flawless polished nails. It's great for nail art, and you can also use it as a base for glitter polish.


The Flat, Floral Heel Protector That Keeps Heels From Sinking Into The Grass

If you're attending an outdoor event like a wedding, or walk a lot during the day, these heel protectors are a must to keep high heels from sinking into the grass, cobblestone, sidewalk cracks, gravel, and other tricky surfaces. Attach the stopper right onto the tips of heels — its sturdy, flat surface keeps heels on level with the ground. It comes in a number of sizes to accommodate heel thickness, too.


This Ultra Thin Screen Protector For iPhones That Prevents Scratches

Whether you're a klutz or overly cautious, smart phone screens break way too easily: all it takes is one slip on tile for half your paycheck to go to the Apple store. This iPhone screen protector is designed specifically for iPhones 8, 7, 6s, and 6, fits right over screens without producing annoying bubbles, and protects against scratches, shattered glass, and even fingerprints. Best of all: it's ultra-thin and won't interfere in the least with scrolling.


These Felt-Lined Blade Covers That Keep You Safe And Prolong The Life Of Knives

Your quality blades will last longer — and you'll stay safe from cuts when you're reaching into your kitchen drawers — when you slip these blade edge protectors over their blades. These covers are lined with felt, which is gentle and non-abrasive on blades, and the set of eight comes with covers for all types of knives, from utility to bread knives.


A Flexible Heat-Resistant Glove To Use When You're Curling Your Hair

Don't sacrifice your hands just to get perfect curls or gorgeously straight hair. Wear this heat-resistant glove while working that curling wand or straightening iron — its silicone gel exterior protects against extremely high temperatures and its soft, flexible construction ensures you can still effortlessly style your hair while wearing it.


An Eco-Friendly Stain Stick With Biodegradable Ingredients

Can't stop spilling things on your clothes? You might as well get a stain stick that has eco-friendly ingredients if youre going to be using it so much. Made with natural ingredients like coconut oil and kaolin, this laundry soap bar and stain stick can be used to hand wash clothing, delicate fabrics, and even dishes and cookware. The eco-friendly laundry detergent is cruelty free, simple to pack in a suitcase or bag for travel, and is made with 100 percent biodegradable ingredients.


This Waterproof Phone Case That Remains Touch-Friendly In The Rain

Your phone will withstand major thunderstorms, blizzards, and the beach — and will remain operational (even the camera) the entire time — when you slide it into this protective universal waterproof phone case. The transparent case is compatible with most iPhone and Galaxy smartphones and stays closed with a simple snap — it can even fit and protect small necessities like credit cards and ID cards.


A Makeup Remover Pen For All Of Those Many Eyeliner Mistakes

Haven't perfected your winged eyeliner technique quite yet? Snag this makeup remover pen and and correct all of those little mistakes — without having to go through the trouble of washing your skin and starting over again. The pen has a precise tip that's perfect for addressing makeup mistakes and is infused with a moisturizing blend of vitamin E, cucumber, and chamomile. One happy reviewer writes: "This is such a handy tool! I'm messy with mascara and these save me from redoing eyeshadow and under eye concealer!"


These Anti-Slip Shoe Pads That (Literally) Keep You On Your Toes

Don't give a moment's thought to possibly slipping on an icy sidewalk or on that just-waxed office floor in front of coworkers. These non-slip shoe pads are self-adhesive rubber sole protectors that will keep you from slipping and won't compromise the integrity of your shoe. They fit all shoes — from high heels to ballet flats and sneakers.


An Effective Stain Remover Spray That Erases All Traces of Drinks

Even stubborn stains are wiped away like magic when you use this stain remover on fabrics, clothing, and carpets. The highly rated stain remover works without any harsh ingredients like bleach and phosphates, and it's effective on other impossible-to-remove stains like chocolate and grease.


These Wood Repair Markers That Come In Six Colors

Furniture is expensive — so when accidents happen and wood furniture or (even worse) floors are involved, it's easy to get stressed about the cost. But these wood markers are the quick and surprisingly amazing fix that will touch up scrapes, scuffs, and discolorations. The kit comes with six repair markers in various wood shades, six wax sticks for application, and one wax stick sharpener.


A Spill-Proof Laptop Bag With Five Layers Of Shock Protection

Consider this the ultimate laptop bag — particularly for anyone who has ruined previous bags (or, let's be real, laptops) with coffee spills and accidentals drops from high places. Designed with five layers of foam and shock-proof protection, this polyester bag is resistant to spills and has plenty of space. It can fit most 13- to 13.3-inch laptops, and boasts a secure side zipper and zippered compartments for accessories and other items.


These Travel-Friendly Silicone Bottles For Food And Hair And Skin Products

Getting past airport security with shampoo, conditioner, and a dozen skincare items can be tricky — not to mention, far too many bottles wind up leaking onto your other luggage. But these silicone travel bottles, which come with two 3-ounce bottles and one 2-ounce bottle, are TSA-approved and have leak-proof lids. The transparent bottles even boast adjustable labels, so you won't have to play guessing games with your products when you get to your final destination.


The Nourishing Multi-Purpose Skincare Oil That Fades Unwanted Scars

If you have even a hint of an adventurous spirit (and the scars to prove it), this Bio-Oil skincare oil is about to become your new favorite product. The nourishing and non-greasy body and face oil contains PurCellin oil and vitamins A and C — all of which help fade unwanted scars, protect against sun's harmful rays, and treat hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.


This Stainless Steel Finger Sheild That Slips On Like A Ring

Slip this stainless steel finger shield protector on like a ring so that it protects your skin from cuts when you slice, dice, and chop your veggies and meat. The shield, which is adjustable to fit your fingers, is dishwasher-safe and can even help you keep things like cucumbers or zucchini stable for easier cutting.


A Special Stick That Stops Bleeding And Heals Razor Nicks

The second you nick your skin from shaving, break apart one of these sticks, apply water to it, and dab the open, injured area. These incredible sterile sticks are excellent shave accessories to keep on hand that will stop bleeding in seconds so that your skin heals faster. They're a lifesaver for anyone who loves to shave in a hurry.


This Non-Slip Chopping Block That Slides Onto The Edge Of Kitchen Surface And Stays Put

There's never any worry that this sustainable bamboo chopping block will slip and slide — because it was designed to attach to kitchen surfaces, where it stays perfectly in place while you chop and dice away. The block features a groove around it to capture juice and grease from foods, and it's easy to wipe clean.


A Fully Loaded First Aid Kit With 66 Essentials

It would be difficult to find a first aid kit more well-stocked than this one, which contains 66 important essentials like scissors, burn gel packets, tweezers, and plenty of bandages. Despite the number of items in this kit, it comes in a compact zippered pouch that weighs 0.3 pounds.


These Gash Protectors That Fit Over Bed Frames To Protect You From Hurting Yourself

These rubberized plastic gash protectors fit over bed frames and offer padded protection to keep you from scratching and hurting yourself, as well as preventing bed sheets from tearing and snagging. One reviewer writes: "They slipped right on, fit snugly, and will definitely protect the box spring from being cut, as well as our skin that might may have come into contact with those ends. Good purchase."


An Absolutely Shatter-Proof Glass For All Of Your Outdoor Parties

Throw a huge outdoor party and don't think twice about your drinkware ending in ruins — these shatter-proof silicone glasses can't be broken, no matter how many times you drop them. The stem-less glasses are easy to hold, won't change the taste of your drink, and are dishwasher-safe.


This Set Of Secure Bed Suspenders That Keep Sheets In Place

Go on and toss and turn — these secure and completely adjustable bed suspenders will ensure that your sheets stay perfectly in place throughout the night. The suspenders attach to the corners of flat sheets and hold them tightly against your mattress so that your sheet never slips. Choose between white and black suspenders.


A Practical Tablet Case With A Kickstand For Hands-Free Use

Not only does this shock-proof iPad case feature a built-in screen protector and a lightweight design that doesn't add bulk to your tablet, but it boasts a convenient kickstand that slides out whenever you want a hands-free scrolling or movie-watching experience. The case comes in eight colors and is compatible with both the 2018 and 2017 iPad 9.7-inch tablet.


The Multi-Functional Lid Cover That Prevent Spills And Splashing

This multi-purpose silicone lid cover fits over cookware to prevent spills and splashes while you cook on your stove, but you can also use it as a fridge cover and in the microwave or oven, where it remains heat-resistant up to 482 degrees. Reviewers say the BPA-free lids (you'll get two in red and green) keep you from having to clean up major spills on your stovetop and can even prevent water from boiling over in pots.


An Effective Microwave Cleaner That Resembles A Science Experiment

Since you have to clean your microwave and rid it of all of that gunk that builds up on walls from food splatters, why not have a little fun with your cleaning? This effective microwave oven cleaner resembles an active volcano and is the most functional science experiment around — fill it with water and white vinegar, place it in your microwave, and set the timer for five to eight minutes. All of those stuck-on food particles and grease will slide right off with a rag or paper towel.


These Portable Wipes That Remove Stains From Your Teeth

Even when you're out enjoying a glass of red with friends and won't be able to brush your teeth for hours, you can do what it takes to ensure your vino doesn't stain your teeth. These stain removing wipes contain a blend of hydrogen peroxide, calcium, sodium bicarbonate, and potassium to safely and effectively lift up red stains from your teeth before they have a chance to settle. They have a pleasant citrus taste that won't mess with the taste of the drink, either.


This Tech Device Screen Rolling Cleaner That Gets Rid Of Smudges & Bacteria

With one or two rolls, this unique screen cleaner rids your phone, laptop, and tablet of fingerprints, smudges, dust, and even bacteria. The reusable roller doesn't require a separate liquid spray and measures less than 4 inches — so you can easily pack it in your laptop bag or purse.


A Money-Saving Repair Kit For Glasses And Sunglasses

When you find your favorite pair of glasses or sunglasses in two pieces on the floor, don't stress or run out to drop money on another pair. Instead, reach for this glasses repair kit, which has 38 tools that will make it a cinch to fix them — until the next time you accidentally sit on them, of course.


An Anti-Bacterial Bathtub Mat That Won't Budge

If you are accident-prone, a bathtub mat is always a wise idea, but not all mats are created equal. This one, which boasts more than 4,600 reviews, was designed with 324 Gorilla Grip suction cups that keep it adhered to any tub surface so that it won't slip. The mat comes in 10 colors, can be cleaned in the washing machine, and features tiny drain holes throughout to prevent bacteria, mold, and mildew.


These Felt Furniture Pads That Protects Floors And Tables From Scratches And Stains

Place these felt furniture pads under chairs and tables that can scrape your expensive wood floors, as well as beneath accessories like bowls and vases to prevent them from leaving stains on tables. You'll get 106 brown and beige pads in various sizes in each set. They're simple to apply and remove, and won't compromise the integrity of your furniture.


This Comfortable Strap That Keeps Glasses From Falling From Your Face

Whether you wear sunglasses to play sports, run, or you simply find yourself having to push up your specs a zillion times during the day, this sunglass strap attaches to your glasses — and keeps them in place on your face so that you'll never lose your favorite pair again. The cotton strap is soft, comfortable, and comes in six fun prints that include pineapples, anchors, and palm trees.


An Adjustable Baggy Rack So You Can Pour Ingredients Into Bags Without Spills And Messes

Plastic bags can be great for storage and food prep purposes, but not if you're constantly spilling ingredients on your kitchen's surface when attempting to transfer them over. This baggy rack fastens zip-top bags in place — and can be adjusted to different heights to suit various bags. They're also great for drying reusable bags and propping bags up in your fridge or freezer for storage.


These Heat-Resistant Oven Mitts With Textured Grips

Made from food-grade silicone and heat resistant up to 425 degrees, these textured silicone oven mitts will protect your hands and wrists while you're baking and broiling foods, or are hard at work over the BBQ. They have a comfortable cotton jersey interior liner — and their allover grips make it easy to prep food and open jars while wearing them. The come in blue or orange.


The Durable Funnel That Clips To Bottles For Mess-Free Pouring

Instead of having to hold down a funnel with one hand to ensure you don't make a total mess while transferring liquids from one container to another, clip this smart funnel onto bottles and containers for a secure fit and mess-free pouring. The funnel has both top and bottom clips, is compatible with bottles of all sizes, and is safe in the dishwasher.

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