4 Biggest Misconceptions About Tattoos That Tattoo Artists Are Sick Of Hearing

by Lindsay E. Mack

Although they've become much more mainstream in recent years, tattoos are still a source of misunderstanding for plenty of people. Chances are, anyone with a semi-visible tattoo has heard a few weird comments over the years. But the artists have heard it all and then some. Really, the biggest misconceptions about tattoos that tattoo artists are sick of hearing have been around for way too long. It's time to stop bugging artists with these same comments over and over.

Because they're so commonplace now, it's a little surprising these old myths about tattoos are still around. About four out of every ten American adults has at least one tattoo, according to Statista. On top of that, about a quarter of American adults have several tattoos, as further noted by Statista. Everyone from preschool teachers to CEOs to accountants rock tattoos these days, so they're far from unusual. People get tattoos to honor loved ones, express their interests, or just because they felt like getting a tattoo that day.

Still, though, the silly myths persist when it comes to this particular form of art. To learn more, Romper spoke with tattoo artist Michaelle Fiore who works out of NY Heart and Dagger in Bushwick Brooklyn. Fiore addresses the truth behind tattoos.


Tattoos Make It Harder To Get A Job.

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There's some truth to this idea, because prominent face tattoos might hamper your career in banking, for instance. But the old notion that all tattoos are unprofessional is on the way out. "Luckily most professionals with that old school mentality are retiring sooner than later, and with the influx of start up culture it is less likely you’ll get turned down by your peers for simple acts of self expression," as Fiore tells Romper. Plus, there's always the option of getting tattooed in a place that will be covered by your work clothes.


Tattoos Will Look Terrible When You're 80.

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There is a lot you can do to keep tattoos looking great for years. "The better you treat your skin and body the better you and your tattoos will look in general," says Fiore. Although time and gravity will affect tattoos over time, it's possible to get them touched up throughout your life. It's the same as getting a classic car repainted from time to time, as Fiore explains.


My Arms Are Too Small For A Tattoo.

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Basically, every body can rock a tattoo. "Another misconception I hear a lot from men is something along the lines of 'my arms are too small to get a tattoo, it would look ridiculous.' I think if there’s artwork that resonates with you enough to get it tattooed you should!" says Fiore. "It doesn’t matter what you’re built like because it’s your body and it becomes a part of you, big, small, or otherwise!" If you want to tattoo your arms or anything else, then go for it.


All Tattoos Hold Up Well Over Time.

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I've lost hours scrolling through images of perfectly tiny tattoos on Insta or Pinterest. But those smaller tattoos, as well as pieces on the fingers or hands, might not hold up very well over time, as Fiore explains. They don't always heal in the ideal way. If you want to get one of these minuscule pieces, then find an artist who specializes in these types of tattoos. In general, though, tattoos are an awesome means of self-expression, and there's no reason to let outdated misconceptions about tattoos hold you back.