4 Common Dangers Of Taking Your Newborn Out That You Need To Know About


Life with a newborn can seem scary and delicate. As a parent, you may find yourself questioning every little move you make, for fear of doing something wrong. That goes double when you make your first venture out of the house with your newborn in tow. Fortunately, if you're prepared, you can avoid common dangers while taking your newborn out with you.

Although many things seem daunting at first, you'll find yourself getting used to taking your newborn our and about. Knowing what to look out for when you head somewhere with your newborn can keep your mind at ease while creating caution where needed. Even though it may not seem like it at first, you'll get comfortable in maneuvering every day life with a baby.

I remember feeling like my first newborn was so fragile – every move I made was meticulous. On the other hand, my husband — who grew up in a family with eight siblings and more than 20 nieces and nephews — understood babies are a lot tougher than you might think. Although it took me a while to get there, I eventually did. And knowing when to exercise caution while going out and when to let go of worry helped in doing so. To help you do so, here are four commong dangers to know about.

1. Incorrect Car Seat Installation

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According to Daily Mail, 95 percent of new parents do not install their car seat correctly. The most common mistakes are loose harness, low chest clip, and wrong recline angle. In order to put your mind at ease, it's a good idea to talk to a certified car seat technician before you leave the hospital.

2. Germs & Sickness


In A Child Grow's interview, pediatrician Dr. Hugh Gilgoff shared that even those with clean hands can still spread a virus or bacteria through coughing, sneezing, or breathing on a baby. If you have family or friends wanting to hold a baby while you're out, make sure they're not sick and no one in their household is sick. Additionally, it's best to advocate for your newborn when people may want to touch or play with them. Gilgoff said keeping a high guard during the first three months when going out is best, considering newborns immune systems are undeveloped. It's still OK to go out, but it's best to avoid busy times of day when going to public places.

3. Leaving Newborns In The Car Seat To Sleep


Although it's OK when you head out for a quick drive to get your newborn to sleep, leaving your child in the car seat to sleep for long periods of time can be dangerous. Especially if left unattended. In an interview with What To Expect, American Academy of Pediatrics’ Council on Injury, Violence and Poison Prevention member Dr. Ben Hoffman shared that "you should pull over every hour or two and take baby out of the car seat" on a long trip.

4. Too Much Sun Exposure


Although it's great to get outside, it's important to remember to keep your newborn out of the sun. According to Babble, newborns lack melatonin, which makes them more susceptible to sunburn. So when you're headed outside in the warmer weather, remember sunscreen, something to keep your newborn shaded, and indirect sunlight only.

Caring for a newborn may seem daunting, especially when heading on a trip or even to your local grocery for the first time. Just remember to practice safety and remain cautious where there's reason for concern. Otherwise, try to enjoy your time out and remember your newborn is tougher than you may think.