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4 Easy & Effective DIY Postpartum Pad Recipes

The phrase "preparation is key" can be applied to almost every area of life, especially when becoming a mother. Although pregnant moms tend to focus most of their energy on preparing for the soon-to-be baby, making a list of things to do for yourself after baby arrives is equally important. If you're working on your postpartum prep, add "find DIY postpartum pad recipes" to the top of the list because your lady bits will be in need of some TLC after delivery.

As strange as it sounds, don't pass up the idea without giving it a try first, because moms everywhere are swearing by the pad concoction to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Padsicles are pretty much what they sound like: frozen pads coated with a mixture of ingredients proven to help soothe and heal sore vaginas and perineums.

You can make the pads ahead of time (probably the most convenient route,) and keep them in your freezer until delivery. Or, if you're just hearing about padsicles and have already delivered your baby, you can make them as needed. They only require a few "ingredients" that you can pick up at any drug or grocery store and are quick and simple to make.

Whether you had an episotomy, a small tear, or a relatively smooth delivery, you'll be addicted to the way these padsicle recipes soothe your post-baby lady parts.


Witch Hazel Padsicles

AskChauntel's classic recipe for padsicles is the most soothing variation out there. It uses natural aloe vera, witch hazel and essential oils to create frozen pads that will work wonders down there.


Soothing "Peri-Pops"

If you're looking for a "nurse certified" option, Kaity Katulka's "peri-pops" using newborn diapers to soothe your aching lady bits.


Tea Time Pads

Vitacost put a twist on the classic padsicle recipe by adding a few tablespoons of boiled comfrey tea leaves to add an extra boost of healing. You can freeze them for the first few days, or use them warm after that point for added comfort during the first week postpartum.


Reusable Postpartum Pads

For mamas who want to avoid the waste created with disposable pads, Hobo Mama has a great tutorial for creating the same padsicle recipe you're used to using reusable cotton pads. They're just as absorbent and soothing, but without the extra trash.