4 Early Signs Your Baby Will Be Sensitive

One of the most exciting parts of parenting is being able to watch your child's unique personality unfold. And you don't have to wait until your child is out of their toddler years to know whether they'll be outgoing, shy, talkative, quiet, or a mix of it all. Although a child's personality will undoubtedly change and mature over the years, there are a few early signs your baby will be sensitive that are worth paying attention to, because some personality traits don't change.

Sensitivity, despite it's societal negative connotations, isn't a bad quality in children. Although highly sensitive children can be difficult to understand and parent at times — especially if your personality types are different from your child's — understanding what a sensitive child needs and what makes them great is important.

The Huffington Post did note that some sensitive children are also termed "high needs," and these babies are often very difficult when they're young. However, most sensitive children grow up to be highly intelligent children and adults. So, if your child fits these signs of a sensitive baby, focus on the positive aspects of the term, instead of wishing your baby was more easy going or relaxed.


They're Easily Startled By Loud Noises

According to What to Expect, loud or unexpected noises may startle a sensitive baby more than you think they should. The article recommended that you keep your voice calm around your baby and try to minimize loud noises when you can.


They're Easily Irritated

As your baby grows, you'll learn the reasons behind their frustrations. But when they're young it may seem like everything irritates them for no reason. From hating certain clothes to not understanding what they want right away, your babies patience may seem to be as small as they are. And according to Psychology Today an easily frustrated baby may become sensitive later in life.


They Get Their Feelings Hurt Easily

Many babies show their sensitivity from a young age when they're disciplined or told no. For these children, Parents suggests using gentle methods of discipline and empathizing with the way they feel.


They Get Easily Over Stimulated In Social Situations

Some babies can get overwhelmed by too many toys, or from being around too many people. What to Expect suggested parents avoid big crowds, limit the amount of toys they have, and try to keep them calm.