4 Signs Of Vaginal Issues In The First Trimester

Even though your baby bump hasn't completely popped yet, things start to change the moment you becomes pregnant. Some changes are normal and harmless, but others need to be discussed with your doctor. Although you're likely just experiencing some very common early pregnancy symptoms, it never hurts to see if an issue has potential to cause trouble down the road. Understanding which first trimester vagina red flags to bring up at your next OB appointment will help you to speak up, even if the issue seems small.

The first trimester can be both an exciting and scary time — ironically, for the same reasons. The unknown and unseen happenings inside your belly can simultaneously thrill you and scare the sh*t out of you. Not to mention those not-so-fun hormones kicking in and stirring up all manner of trouble. It's safe to sat that these first 12 weeks are a mixed bag of psychical and psychological symptoms. This means it could be easy to overlook some red flags or consider it no big deal. But when it comes to the health and safety of you and the bun in your oven, it's always best to err on the side of caution and talk to your OB if you experience any of the following vaginal symptoms during the first three months of pregnancy.



Although this can be common throughout the first trimester, the American Pregnancy Association pointed out that bleeding can be a sign of miscarriage. If you've been bleeding more than a little and don't seem to have an explanation as to why, it doesn't hurt to mention this to your doctor the next time you have her attention.



If you feel like you have ants in your (under) pants, your doctor needs to know. You could be the one in five pregnant women who develop a vaginal infection called bacterial vaginosis, as Parents magazine explained. This itching, irritating needs to be treated by your doctor so it doesn't lead to other complications.



It makes sense to have vaginal pressure near the end of pregnancy due to the weight of the baby, but feeling extra stress down there early on can have a different cause. Experiencing pressure in your vagina during the first trimester is probably due to constipation, explained Healthline.


Urinary Problems

You're going to be peeing a lot once you become pregnant, so be sure to note anything out of the ordinary. According to Baby Center, many pregnant woman experience urinary tract infections, but this needs to be watched so it doesn't develop into a kidney infection. Make your doctor aware if you're having bladder problems or trouble peeing so you can be treated accordingly.