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4 'How To Get Away With Murder' Season 3 Theories That'll Make You Question Everything

The third season of How to Get Away with Murder has only just begun but there's already a lot of questions that need to be answered. That's not strange for the show — part of its job is to just create mass amount of confusion — but this season seems particularly confusing. For example, who is under the sheet? Why does Annalise need Oliver to wipe that phone she gave him at the end of the second episode? What is Frank's endgame right now? Is Wes' girlfriend, Meggy, as innocent as she seems? And who's putting up those posters of Annalise? With all these questions it's no surprise that there's already a ton of theories for How to Get Away with Murder Season 3.

This show is extremely easy to theorize about. The mysteries that take place over the entire season are always twisting and turning, and when you think you know what is happening, you realize you are very, very wrong. Luckily, that has never stopped anyone from coming up with a little theory here or there. And who knows, these theories can very possibly be obsolete after Thursday's episode. Here's just a few of the most notable theories from this season so far.

1. Wes Is Under The Sheet

At this point in the season we know in two months someone ends up dead due to a fire at Annalise's house (or maybe they're not related... who knows?). Each episode we'll find out who's not under the sheet until finally the truth is revealed. So far Annalise and Oliver are definitely safe but that leaves so many other possibilities for who's under the sheet. Based on Annalise's gut wrenching reaction to seeing the person's dead body many fans believe it's Wes under the sheet. Although on some level Annalise probably cares about the other Keating Five and Bonnie she doesn't love them like she loves Wes.

However, there is one other man in Annalise's life she definitely loves as much as Wes, and maybe even more. Nate has been Annalise's ride or die since Season 1 and even stayed with her after she framed him for the murder of her husband. If Nate dies Annalise would definitely have the gut wrenching reaction she had so he's definitely another possibility.

2. Frank Burns Down Annalise's House

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This one seems a little too obvious for How to Get Away with Murder but Frank is the most likely suspect. He just murdered Annalise's PI and it's unclear what he plans to do next but he's definitely on edge. Why Frank would wait two months to burn down Annalise's house though, is a bit of mystery. If he's really mad at Annalise for kicking him out why wouldn't he just burn it all to the ground now?

3. Annalise Burns Her House Down


Plot twist! What if Annalise is the cause of the fire? What if her gut wrenching scream and devastation over whoever's dead is all fake? What if that's why she needs Oliver to wipe her phone clean of everything? This wouldn't be the first time Annalise has orchestrated some elaborate stunt to help someone get away with murder. Annalise knows what she's doing and if she needs to cover up a murder she'll do whatever it takes, even burning down her own home.

4. Meggy Is Putting Up The Flyers About Annalise

Let's face it, Wes' new girlfriend, Meggy, just seems to good to be true. It's just a little hard to believe this sweet woman is innocent. Maybe this show has just given us all trust issues but something about Meggy seems off. Although we're not all sure Meggy's capable of murder (at least not yet) she is a possible suspect for the slanderous flyers being put up about Annalise. Her questions to Wes about Annalise and the flyers didn't help her case either. The real question is if Meggy is the one behind the flyers what does she have against Annalise?

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