4 Jon Snow Costumes For Babies Who Dream Of Joining The Night's Watch

One of the most intriguing (and at times frustrating) characters on Game of Thrones is resident heart throb, Jon Snow. In season six, viewers found out that Jon Snow wasn't actually Ned Stark's bastard child, but a much bigger player in the seven kingdoms than anyone could've guessed when he was first introduced to viewers all those years ago. To pay homage to just how far Jon Snow has come, why not consider one of the many Jon Snow costumes for babies to show off your love of the North, the Night's Watch, and Lyanna's legacy?

Though Jon's style has not changed all that much throughout the series (I mean, what can you really change up when you're huddling up for body heat in the North, at the wall, or north of the wall...), with a little bit of imagination and some adorable accessories, your baby can get dressed up as a number of Jon Snow's most memorable moments. Whether you're a fan of innocent Jon Snow before the world at war ruins him or you prefer your Jon Snow a little bit weathered after several near-death encounters, there's a Jon Snow costume for your baby out there that you can easily put together to impress your neighborhood Game of Thrones fans. Without further ado, pick a Snow, any Snow, and get ready to discuss your theories for next season all night long.


Season One Snow

Before Jon went off to join the Night's Watch, he was just a regular kid, hanging out with the Stark family, feeling a little out of place, and getting to know his direwolf, runt-of-the-pack, Ghost.

Because Jon wasn't yet a member of the Night's Watch, and didn't have to wear all black just yet, dress your babe in this brown onesie ($10), a newborn faux fur scarf ($5), and carry this plush direwolf cub ($17) as puppy Ghost.


Jon Snow All Grown Up

Jon is pretty much covered in leather once he takes his stand in the Night's Watch. To get the effect of Jon Snow all grown up, just deck your baby out in these black leather leggings ($5), black leather vest ($20), black fuzzy scarf ($8) that can easily be fashioned into a cloak for your little one, a black curly wig ($21), play sword ($11), and a jumbo stuffed dog ($98) to represent Ghost, all grown up.


Dead Jon Snow

Spoiler alert... kind of. Dressing your baby up as dead Jon Snow has never been easier. This one's especially good for babies prone to falling asleep, or looking bored during parties (because we've all been there).

With a black onesie ($10), a black belt ($17), a fairly useless play sword ($10), and non-toxic makeup ($9) to create that scar on his face, your baby could nap all the way through Halloween and everybody would still know exactly who they were dressed up as.


Jon Snow Knows Nothing

Everyone knows that Jon Snow knows nothing, his short-lived girlfriend Ygritte made sure everyone was aware that Jon was innocent and naïve. So why not channel that kind of innocence and naïveté for your own babe this Halloween?

With a "You Know Nothing Jon Snow" onesie ($12), and a Jon Snow shawl costume ($18) that's really meant for dogs (but would easily fit a baby), you're on the road to everyone's favorite version of Jon Snow. The one who knows nothing.