These 'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Fan Theories Are Actually Pretty Spot-On

She's marvelous, and she's back: That's right, Season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is ready to stream on Amazon. The period dramedy, which features Rachel Brosnahan as the eponymous housewife-turned-comedian, earned a steady following when it premiered in Nov. 2017, and excitement for the sophomore season ramped up when Season 1 earned a handful of Emmy wins in September. Those of us who have been waiting anxiously have cooked up a few Marvelous Mrs. Maisel fan theories to keep busy during the very long wait, but now the time to confirm them is here.

But first, a quick recap. Midge Maisel is basically everyone's favorite person in her Upper West Side neighborhood. The young mother of two can make a mean brisket, a skill which she uses to help her husband try to get his stand-up comedy career take off. The only problem? It turns out that she's the funny one. This puts her marriage in trouble as she takes the stage with the help of her manager and friend, Susie. Juggling two lives isn't easy, but Midge is determined to live out her own new-found dream, even when it causes a strain on her family.

OK, now let's dive into these theories...

The Character Midge Is Based On A Real Female Comic


Real-life comedian Bob Newhart is the inspiration (or, well, the source actually) for Joel Maisel's routine, and a number of other popular comics from the time are mentioned during the first season. There's also Lenny Bruce, who is played by Luke Kirby but who was a very popular stand-up in the 1950s and '60s. So many have wondered if Midge is based on a real comic.

The short answer is no, she's not exactly anyone that ever existed. However, Sherman-Palladino created the character with influence from many hilarious women of the past. Probably the most obvious comparison would be to Joan Rivers, arguably the most famous female comic of her time, who was known for having a bit of a rougher edge and more honest takes than others.

Midge Has Made The Front Cover Of A Magazine


Could Midge have made it big in the world of comedy with her final set of Season 1, in which she revealed her true identity? Up until that point, she had been using a pseudonym, referring to herself on stage as Amanda Gleason. But now that Mrs. Maisel has presented herself to her public, maybe she's gained a more impressive following.

One YouTuber, Abbey Howe, pointed out in a video dissecting the first Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 2 teaser trailer that the covers of the magazines Midge and her mom are flipping while sitting in chairs at the beauty salon are blurred out. Why would they bother with such a tiny detail? Howe believes it's because the covers may show Midge in some fashion, and this is a plot detail Sherman-Palladino and co. don't want revealed until you watch the episode.

There's A New Love Interest For Midge


Where Midge is concerned, things with Joel were mostly back on track when we left her. But Joel is in a more precarious place: He's recently discovered his wife's secret life, and after hearing a recording, he realizes she's way more talented than he'll ever be (no offense, Joel). He blows up at Susie, trying to find a way to blame someone else for what has happened to his marriage, but it's pretty obvious that it all comes back to his ego.

There's no doubt that Joel will be in Season 2, and probably quite a bit. But it looks like he might be getting some competition for Midge's heart. Though some fans are all Team Lenny Bruce (honestly, I am a little bit too), there's no indication that a relationship between Midge and her mentor will pan out. However, she is going to be spending some time in the Catskills with a handsome doctor when Zachary Levi stars in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel for a few episodes. We'll see if he's any match for Joel.

Midge Will Become Friends With Sophie


This one is actually just a personal theory. Toward the end of Season 1, Midge was finally able to see another female stand-up in the act: Sophie Lennon, a disgruntled, overweight homemaker from Queens. After seeing her perform her set, Midge goes to Sophie's home and meets a completely different woman, a well-to-do Manhattan socialite who explains that female comedians must have a persona or a gimmick in order to succeed. Midge then goes on a rant against Sophie, which doesn't bode well for the future of her career in the business.

But I think that Season 2 will bring a reconciliation. Jane Lynch is set to reprise her role as Sophie in Episodes 9 and 10 of the season, and though we don't yet know in what capacity, it seems safe to say that she and Midge will interact. And as we all know, Midge charms the pants off everyone she meets. I think that she and Midge will reach some kind of understanding, and may even develop a bond of sorts over what it means to be a woman in a very male-dominated industry.

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