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4 Movies You’ve Definitely Seen But Didn’t Even Realize Meghan Markle Was In

Long before Meghan Markle won the relationship lottery, she was taking tiny roles in big movies to build up her acting portfolio. Though she will always be known for her role on Suits, Markle has over two dozen television and movie roles under her belt. So, are you now wondering: what are some Meghan Markle movies I didn't know about? Of course you are. Not a lot of people have realized this yet, but Markle has worked alongside some very high profile actors in Hollywood over the years. In fact, according to IMDb, Markle's first movie role was in 2005's A Lot Like Love, a romantic dramedy starring Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet.

Markle's role in A Lot Like Love is very small, but she appears as a young woman named Natalie who is seated next to Kutcher's Oliver on an airplane. After that, Markle also appeared in bigger productions like Get Him To The Greek, Horrible Bosses, and Remember Me. Sadly, not all of Markle's low-key scenes in each of these movies is available online, but below you'll find full descriptions of them. Hopefully reading about Markle's surprising movie appearances will spark your memory of seeing her on the big screen once or twice!

A Lot Like Love (2005)

This scene is just under a minute long, and we watch as Natalie is taken aback when Oliver is clearly not interested in chatting with her. A moment later Oliver's friend and business partner, Jeeter, played by Kal Penn, takes the seat opposite from Natalie and immediately hits on her. Just before the scene ends we watch as Jeeter talks about how rich he's going to be in an attempt to woo Natalie, which seems to work as Oliver realizes what's happening next to him and tries hard not to laugh at his friend.

Remember Me (2010)

Five years later Markle was cast in 2010's heartbreaking Remember Me, which starred Robert Pattinson during his Edward Cullen prime. It was another small role, this time as a snappy bartender named -- what else? -- Megan. We meet Megan very briefly when Pattinson's character, Tyler, and his friend, Aidan played by Tate Ellington, stroll into the crowded dive bar for a night out in New York City. When Aidan calls out to Megan behind the dimly lit bar pauses briefly to glare at him and tells him very sternly, "Do. Not. Speak." The blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene is just under 30 seconds long and, unfortunately, not available online.

Get Him To The Greek (2010)

That same year Markle had an uncredited role in Get Him To The Greek, a raunchy comedy starring Russell Brand and Jonah Hill. Her clip from the film is so brief you can't even find it online! In the movie, Markle plays a partygoer named Tatiana who is seen making out with Brand's rockstar persona, Aldous Snow.

Horrible Bosses (2011)

Last but certainly not least is Markle's role in the 2011 comedy, Horrible Bosses. The hilarious movie came out the same year that Suits premiered to the world, marking a huge milestone in Markle's career. For Horrible Bosses, Markle has a quick-hitting banter session with Kurt, a main character played by Jason Sudeikis. Markle is a FedEx employee dropping off some packages when Kurt suggests that she's "too cute" to be a real delivery girl. It's a bit of an awkward encounter but, thankfully, Markle's no-name character seems charmed by Kurt.

Now remember, these are just four of Markle's variety of acting gigs over the years. Aside from the aforementioned movies, Markle has also starred in at least six different made for television movies. Plus, it is worth mentioning that Suits was not Markle's first rodeo when it came to acting on a series. The California-born actress also appeared on shows like Castle, Fringe, CSI: Miami, and the 90210 reboot. Her first official acting gig was on the American soap opera, General Hospital, in 2002.

If you were hoping to see Markle acting again in the future, you might want to keep your hopes in check -- for now. When the actress and her fiance, Prince Harry, confirmed their engagement in November 2017, she confirmed that she would be taking a step back from the bright lights of Hollywood to be a full-time royal. "What’s been really exciting, as we talk about this as the transition out of my career, is that the causes that have been very important to me, I can focus even more energy on," Markle said in her and Prince Harry's first official interview as a couple on BBC. "You realize that as you have access, or a voice that people are willing to listen to, [it comes with] a lot of responsibility, which I take seriously."