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The Truth About Having Sex In The Third Trimester

Even in an age where information is literally at your fingertips, there's a ton of folklore out there about pregnancy. Which is why I am always a little surprised when I hear people spreading old wives tales about third trimester pregnancy sex. Interestingly enough, it's not grandmothers and great aunties alone who think these tales are truth. Plenty of ladies in younger generations are perpetuating these myths and passing them on to moms-to-be. The good news is that experts have been able to clear things up when it comes to these claims, so pregnant ladies everywhere can enjoy sex in the third trimester.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes old wives tales can be a bit of fun. One of my favorites is "if you dream of your baby's gender, you're right." Even though I dreamed I was having a girl but actually had a boy (twice) it was all in fun to think I may have tapped into a secret about my baby. But when it comes to your pregnancy and the health of your baby, understanding the facts about the old wives tales surrounding third trimester pregnancy sex can put your mind at ease, which will definitely make the sex more enjoyable.


The Baby Knows What's Happening

Did Aunt Margie pull you aside at your baby shower to caution you that your baby is developed enough to be aware of your lusty trysts? Well, bless her for thinking of your little one, but the bun in your oven will be blissfully clueless while you're getting it on. As OB-GYN Dr. KaLee Ahlin explained to The Bump, even though babies can sense sound and motion, they can't decipher what's happening outside the womb.


The Penis Will Touch The Baby

In the third trimester, your baby is fairly large and developed and taking up more space in the womb. But even though your body's real estate is limited, doesn't mean a penis can poke the baby during heterosexual sex. As Parents magazine explained, the mucus plug prevents any object from passing into the uterus, including male body parts. So, even a world record-sized penis couldn't touch, harm, or poke the baby while in your belly apartment.


It Will Induce Labor

Although there is some medical evidence that shows a connection to certain hormones in semen and the onset of labor, there's not enough evidence to back up the old wives on this one. As Parents magazine explained, there's no greater cervical change in women who were sexually active toward the end of pregnancy, dispelling the effect of sex on inducing labor. Looks like you'll just have to do it for fun (which isn't so bad, either).


Blood Means Trouble

It's true that post-sex bleeding during pregnancy can be the sign of serious problems, but unlike the old wives would lead you to believe, a little blood is usually harmless. As Dr. Jacques Moritz, director of the Endoscopy Section and Division of Gynecology at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, explained to The Bump, due to the soft and sensitive nature of the cervix during pregnancy, even a little stimulation can cause it to bleed some.