The 4 Positions To Skip During Pregnancy Sex
by Michele Zipp

When you're pregnant, you may feel especially close to your partner and in tune with your growing and changing body. This is due to the ever-changing hormones, which could cause you to experience an increased desire to have sex. But you can't get down and dirty like you did int h pre-pregnancy stage. If you're feeling in the mood, then you need to know about the positions to skip during pregnancy sex.

First, it's important to check in with your OB-GYN to see if you should be having sex at all, especially if you are high-risk or face any complications, according to Self magazine. If you have the all-clear from your doctor, the next step is finding the most comfortable position for you in your first trimester. An increased awareness of your growing belly may cause some positions to not feel so right. Plus. some women experience morning sickness (all day long) and that can make getting it on with your partner the last thing you want to do. But if you're feeling frisky, "anything goes during the first trimester," Dr. Lauren Streicher, OB-GYN, said in an interview in Parents magazine.

As the months pass and the second trimester starts, there are some safety measures to consider even in the name of pleasure. And as with anything, if it doesn't feel right, don't do it. The following sex positions, however, are the ones to avoid during your your entire pregnancy in the name of comfort and safety.



According to Consumer Health Digest, it is not recommended for women to lie flat on their back during pregnancy sex since the weight of the uterus can compress blood vessels and reduce blood flow to the fetus. This is the same reason why pregnant women are told not to sleep on their backs, according to WebMD. There is "less oxygen and fewer nutrients" going to baby when mom is lying on her back.


Anything Where You Are Flat On Your Stomach

According to Live Science, lying flat on your stomach while pregnant is uncomfortable during pregnancy, so it's not something that you should do during sex. Any position where you are on your belly is best to avoid.


Anything Involving Deep Penetration

With deep penetration comes the chance that your partner can hit your cervix, OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Landa said in an interview with Women's Health. Your partner's penis hitting your cervix during pregnancy can be especially painful.


Anything Upside Down

Being inverted during pregnancy can be dangerous because that position could cause the baby to invert to an undesirable position as well, according to The Bump. The extra weight plus a belly bump also makes going upside down during sex uncomfortable.