Bill Inoshita/CBS
4 Reasons Nicole Franzel's 'Big Brother 18' Game Could Be Ending

by Zakiya Jamal

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Nicole, who returned to the Big Brother house this season after being a contestant in Season 16, is not having the best week. Although Nicole has secured herself with the power player of the house (Paulie) her lies have gotten her into trouble with Da'Vonne. Nicole was already revealed to be playing both sides of the house, jumping between Da'Vonne and Frank a few weeks ago when Michelle told Da'Vonne that Frank said he was working with Nicole. On Sunday night whatever friendship Nicole and Da'Vonne may have had was officially ruined and Nicole could be in danger of leaving the Big Brother house next week.

During the head of household competition, which was an endurance test, the last three standing were Bridgette, James, and Da'Vonne. Both Bridgette and Da'Vonne refused to lose to each other and in effort to end the comp Frank told Da'Vonne that Nicole told him Da'Vonne was trying to get him out. Da'Vonne then called out Nicole in the middle of the game who quickly denied Frank's accusations but Da'Vonne didn't believe Nicole. Although Nicole isn't the target this week Da'Vonne now has her eyes set on Nicole. Here's just a few reasons why Nicole should watch her back.

No One Trusts Nicole

The HOH competition has really made everyone in the house begin questioning Nicole. It's obvious to everyone that Nicole was lying when she denied telling Frank anything about Da'Vonne, and now the house knows that Nicole doesn't know how to keep things quiet. Even her closest allies in the house are beginning to question her, which is not good for Nicole's game.

Even Paulie Is Becoming Suspicious Of Nicole

It's one thing if people in the house don't trust you; it's something else entirely when the person with the most power in the house no longer trusts you. Paulie has somehow gained all the power in the house, and although he's currently allies with Nicole, if he feels he can't trust her anymore he may set his eyes on her as a target and that could mean eviction for her very soon.

Bridgette Is Coming After Nicole

On the live feeds, Frank told Bridgette that if she wins HOH next week she should put up Nicole and Corey. With Frank most likely leaving this week, Bridgette really doesn't have any more allies in the house so why wouldn't she listen to Frank's parting advice? If Nicole goes up beside Corey and can't pull herself down, there's a definite possibility she'll be sent home.

Corey May Be Turning His Back On Nicole

Whether or not Nicole and Corey are actually in a showmance is still up for debate, but either way these two have been best buds since Corey let Nicole become the first HOH, which is why Nicole should be concerned that Corey is thinking about turning his back on her. Without Corey by her side, Nicole has no protection left in the house and the only person she'd be able to rely on to keep herself safe would be herself.