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4 Reasons Rory Shouldn't End Up With Anyone In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival

by Zakiya Jamal

One of the biggest plot points of Gilmore Girls was Rory's love life and fans have argued over who Rory should end up with for years. But I've been thinking about this a lot lately and I'm started to wonder if maybe Rory shouldn't end up with anyone in the Gilmore Girls revival. At the start of the show, Rory was blessed with possibly the perfect high school boyfriend, Dean. Their romance was cute and fun to watch. Then entered bad boy Jess who understood Rory's love for books, but had a lot of his own issues he needed to deal with, causing him to break Rory's heart. Finally there was Logan, the rich, privileged guy who Rory tried to hate, but ended up falling in love with before turning down his marriage proposal when he gave her an ultimatum. Hopefully, Logan's let the sting of that rejection pass by now.

All three of these guys had amazing qualities (and some not-so-amazing qualities). In fact, one (*cough, Jess, cough*) could definitely be the love her life. But maybe the truth is that Rory shouldn't end up with any of them at all. There's a reason all of these relationships didn't last after all. It may be best for Rory just to fly solo and figure out what makes her happy. Maybe not for the rest of her life, but at least for a little while longer. Here are a few reasons why the single life may be best for this young Gilmore.

She Hasn't Really Been Single In A Long Time

From the moment Rory started dating Dean, she hasn't really spent much time on her own.. After she and Dean (finally) broke up, she immediately started dating Jess. After Jess, left Rory went to Yale where she was single for a little bit before she started things back up with Dean again. But once Dean realized he didn't fit in Rory's world anymore, she started seeing Logan. Even when she was kind of broken up with Logan, she ended up kissing Jess. It's time Rory took a step back from the boys and gave herself sometime to figure out who she is on her own.

She's Busy Focusing On Her Work Right Now

The reason Rory turned down Logan's proposal was because she wasn't ready to let go of her dreams and move to California to be with him. Rory has goals and dreams she wants to achieve before she settles down with anyone and she has to do that first before she can comfortably be with someone for the long haul.

She Should Be With Someone Else

Rory doesn't have to be forever alone, but maybe one of her exes isn't actually the best match for her after all. It's totally possible Rory just hasn't met the love her life yet, but maybe she'll find him in the Gilmore Girls revival.

She Doesn't Need A Man To Be Happy

If anyone would be perfectly fine being on their own, it's Rory. She's been raised by Lorelai Gilmore, one of the greatest feminists of all time, and her grandmother is the formidable Emily Gilmore. Rory has come from a family of strong women and she knows how to take care of herself and be happy on her own. With her family, friends, and now a career (hopefully?), Rory has plenty going on in her life for the time being.

Of course it'd be great to see Rory fall in love and live happily ever after with some guy that can truly make her happy. But this show has never been about a girl finding her Mr. Right. It's about the Gilmore girls and that's really what the revival should focus on.