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4 Signs Beyonce Is Having Twin Boys

Now that the Clooney twins have officially arrived, speculation over the impending birth of Beyoncé and Jay Z's children is ramping up. It's not clear whether the couple intends to announce the birth right away — when Blue Ivy was born in 2012, they waited two days — but the Beyhive definitely loves a good conspiracy, and many are wondering if she may have actually already given birth in secret. Another popular theory? That she's pregnant with two boys, though admittedly, some of the "proof" is pretty out-there. Judging by social media, it seems that there are at least four signs Beyoncé is having boys (or maybe just definitely not two girls?).

Beyoncé's Instagram pregnancy announcement caused a massive online freakout back in February, and according to People, fans began to look for clues about the babies' gender almost immediately. It's possible that she may not have even known herself what she was having at the time — she hasn't confirmed how far along she was when the photo was taken, but it seemed a bit on the early side — and in an interview with Extra in April, Beyoncé's mom, Tina Lawson, claimed she didn't know the babies' sex. It seems though that many Beyoncé fans believe that the singer has actually been dropping hints all along.

1. Her Choice Of Underwear

As of late, social media has seemed to have more or less come to an agreement that Beyoncé is maybe/possibly/most definitely carrying twin boys (more on that later). But when Beyoncé shared her initial pregnancy photo to Instagram, many saw her clothing choice to be very symbolic. In the pic, Beyoncé posed in front of a floral backdrop while dressed in her underwear and wearing a veil. The choice made a big impact, especially since her emerging baby bump was on full display. But to some, it also sent a hidden message: clearly the tiny pink bow on her bra and her powder blue bottoms meant that she was carrying a boy and a girl.

2. The Return Of A Familiar Set Of Earrings

In yet another example of Beyoncé clearly having the most observant fans in the universe, the singer posted a photo to Instagram back in March that seemed to show her managing to totally rock a black velvet minidress and thigh high boots while simultaneously carrying two humans inside of her body. But apparently, the photo contained something else, too: a clue about her babies' gender.

Many of her eagle-eyed fans recognized that the earrings she was wearing in the pic were also the earrings she wore in the music video for "If I Were A Boy" in 2008. Sure, in most instances that would literally mean nothing more than she maybe just liked that pair of earrings. But in light of her twin pregnancy, it became viewed as a sign that, clearly, she's carrying two boys.

3. Actually, Make That Two Sets Of Earrings

In fact, it turns out that Beyoncé's earring choices have set off not one, but two separate rumors about the gender of her babies. While the "If I Were A Boy" earrings apparently meant that she was pregnant with two boys, a close-up photo she posted to Instagram back in April showing an earring with both pink and blue stones was considered to be a big hint that the singer was carrying a boy and a girl.

I mean, sure, why not?

4. She's Wearing Blue In Her Latest Instagram Pic

If Beyoncé is indeed trying to send the world a message through the color of her clothing, then maybe it's a sign that in her most recent Instagram photo, she is dressed in a blue bikini and robe? Not only does it hark back to her original "mismatched underwear and veil" photo (SYMBOLISM), but she's also holding her daughter, Blue (!) in the photo, who also happens to be wearing a blue (!!!) hat.

Coincidence? Uh, yeah, probably. But since pretty much every Beyoncé rumor seems like it was at one point pulled out of thin air, this theory seems as solid as any other.

Sure, the fan theories about the sex of Beyoncé and Jay Z's twins are totally reaching, and of course, at the end of the day, anyone who guesses still has a 1 in 3 chance of actually being right. But in the absence of any confirmed details, it is kind of fun to speculate — especially given that, when it comes to Beyoncé, it seems as though pretty much anything can be considered a "clue."