4 Signs Your Baby Is Frustrated AF

You might think babies have it easy. They go through their days eating, sleeping, and pooping with a loving, attentive caregiver responding to their every need. But believe it or not, it's not all good. Babies get frustrated too. Just imagine what it would be like if your brain wanted to do something your motor skills couldn't handle, and you didn't have the words to explain it to anyone. Pretty awful, right? If you're having a hard time trying to decode your baby's behavior, you need to know the signs your baby is frustrated.

If you think about it, the way your baby behaves when he's frustrated is not unlike the behavior of some adults you know — screaming, flailing arms, red face. The only difference is your baby can't use expletives — yet.

When you see your baby experiencing frustration, your first reaction may be to put on your Super Mom cape and swoop in to save the day. But before you rush to their rescue, you might want to consider allowing your baby to experience a little bit of frustration from time to time. As Psych Central pointed out, allowing your child to deal with frustration, can help them better deal with stress as adults.

So don't let your baby's behavior get you down. As long as she is safe, just be there to offer a few encouraging words from the sidelines. As noted on the Dr. Sears website, as your baby's motor and language skills develop, the outbursts won't occur as frequently — at least until she hits the teen years.


They Are Crying

Like most people, babies don't really like to take 'no' for an answer. So when they can't do something, they will often express their disappointment to you and everyone else in ear shot. As WebMD pointed out, babies often cry out of frustration when they are not able to accomplish something.


They Flail Their Arms And Legs

When crying doesn't get the right reaction, your baby may become even more frustrated and decide to turn things up a notch by getting her arms and legs involved. As Parenting pointed out, babies often kick their legs when trying to get your attention.


They Arch Their Back

You can tell a lot from observing your baby's body language. And if he's tensing up, it most likely means that he is upset about something. As Dr. Sears told Parenting, when babies stiffen their bodies and arch their backs, it is a sign that they are in distress.


They Throw Things

According to Baby Center,a baby's motor skills develop around 18 months, giving them the ability to throwing things. Although some of the throwing may just be her testing out a fun new skill, What To Expect explained that some older babies and toddlers throw objects out of frustration or anger. But beware: telling your little pitcher she can't throw things may make her want to do it even more.