4 Signs Your Baby Needs Glasses

If you wear glasses, you're used to the idea of going through life with the help of an extra set of eyes. But how do you know if you've passed your less than perfect vision down to your baby? When kids are young, it can be tough to know when they are having problems with their eyesight. Until they develop the vocabulary to tell you that something is wrong, you need to be on the lookout for the signs your baby needs glasses.

As pediatric neuro-ophthalmologist, Jane Edmond, M.D. told Parents, most babies don't need glasses and develop normal vision in their first year of life as their brains and eyes develop. Infants are generally checked for overall eye health by their pediatrician within their first year and usually receive their first full vision screening at their three-year-old doctor's visit, according to Kids Health. But you can watch for signs that your baby is having vision problems that might need a doctor's attention such as not following objects, holding objects close to his face, and appearing cross eyed most of the time.

If your baby needs glasses but you're afraid he'll never keep them on, you can rest easy. As Parents suggests, when your baby realizes that the glasses will help his vision, he will most likely keep them on his face. Keep in mind that his vision will change as he grows, but once you find the right pair of glasses for your baby, he'll begin to see the world a whole lot better.


They Don't Follow Objects

As your baby grows and her eyesight develops, she will begin following things with her eyes. If your baby isn't following moving objects with her eyes by 4-months-old, she may be having trouble, according to Parents. Consult your pediatrician to see if an eye exam is necessary.


They Rub Their Eyes A Lot

When your baby starts rubbing his eyes, you may be thinking that he's ready for a nap. But rubbing the eyes can also be a sign of eye fatigue, and a hint that your baby could need glasses, according to Very Well.


They Hold Objects Too Close

One way to spot a potential vision problem in babies is by noticing how they hold objects. According to Parents, a baby who holds toys especially close to his face could be having difficulty with his vision and need glasses.


They Are Crossed Eyed

It's normal for a baby's eyes to wander from time to time. But if your baby's eyes seem crossed most of the time, he may have strabismus, or a lack of coordination between the eyes, and need glasses to correct the problem, according to Baby Center.