4 Ways Primrose Everdeen Is The Silent Feminist Hero Of 'The Hunger Games'

by Meg Kehoe

You'd be hard pressed to find two sisters more opposite than the Everdeen girls. In The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen steals the spotlight as the obvious hero who keeps the audience on the edge of its seats. She's the girl on fire, the Mockingjay, the girl that sparked a revolution — but what about her sister, Prim? Though she may get overlooked, Primrose Everdeen is a true feminist hero.

Throughout the series, Katniss and Prim display opposite qualities. Katniss is a hunter, and Prim is the caretaker. Prim is gentle where Katniss is brassy, quiet where Katniss is outspoken, and each sister finds strength where the other struggles with weakness. Although it is Katniss who volunteers as tribute to save Prim from certain death in the arena at the beginning of the series, by the end, sweet and fragile Prim has grown into a strong, unapologetic, feminist woman who is not afraid to take care of things on her own.

Although Katniss is billed as the obvious feminist hero, breaking stereotypes and becoming the face of the revolution, Prim is just as much of a feminist. It is her unsuspecting strength and determination that blossom as time goes on that make her a Hunger Games favorite, and why she's a feminist hero, just like her sister.


She Defyes Stereotypes

From the moment audiences meet Prim, they see her as the "weaker" sister. Katniss volunteers as tribute to save her from having to enter the arena, implying that Prim could never survive such a fate on her own. She is sweet and feminine, a young girl who Katniss says is afraid of the forest, and could never kill a living thing — but when the effects of war take a toll on the world around them, Prim is the one who comes to the rescue of the wounded. When Katniss freezes, and seemingly cannot handle the effects that war has on her people, Prim wastes no time in jumping in to save as many lives as she possibly can. She faces illness and injury with determination, and she isn't fazed or daunted by any of it. Prim shows us that traditionally "feminine" traits like nursing someone back to health, is just as useful in war as the ability to lead people into battle.


She Has An Unbiased Heart

Prim believes that all living things are equal. Whether it is a dying goat, an ugly cat, or wounded people, Prim puts all living things before herself, risking her life to save them all. She cares for every thing, and every one. The who or why is not important to Prim. It is in caring for all living things that Prim truly excels, and shows audiences her unbiased heart. Some might argue that it's that same unbiased heart that leads to her demise — but the love and care she takes for everyone around her shines through even the darkest moments in The Hunger Games, leaving a lasting impression.


She Has Strong Female Relationship

It's a little too easy to take a side in the Team Peeta vs. Team Gale debate — it seems like every popular Young Adult series in the last ten years has had some sort of love triangle that you're expected to weigh in on. And while that's all well and good, heartthrobs aside, Prim provides The Hunger Games series with it's defining female relationship. More important to the story than any of Katniss's romantic dalliances are her relationship with her sister. Prim provides a reason for everything Katniss does throughout the series. She represents goodness, and everything that Katniss fights for. The relationship between these two sisters is what drives the entire story, from beginning to end.


She Supports Her Sister

In any sibling relationship, a little rivalry is expected. Even siblings who are polar opposites tend to compete against one another for their parents affections. It would be easy for Prim to feel overshadowed by Katniss throughout the series. But rather than providing competition for her sister, Prim simply supports her. She listens to Katniss when she needs an ear, offers her advice in her time of need, and shows her sister that she is there for her, regardless of time or place. Prim is the emotional linchpin throughout The Hunger Games, and the support she provides Katniss gives her the strength to carry on through the unthinkable, time after time.

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