4 Ways To Monitor Water Intake While Nursing

by Olivia Youngs

It's no secret that breastfeeding moms have a lot to keep track of. From nursing sessions, to logging how much milk you produce, to staying on top of your own health — it's enough to make a person crazy. When you add trying to stay hydrated and healthy to the list, things can get even more overwhelming. Something as simple as remembering to drink enough water is often pushed to the back burner of a mother's mind, simply because she has a million other things happening. But luckily, there are a few easy ways to monitor your water intake while breastfeeding that anyone can use to be more mindful about drinking enough H2O.

According to the Dr. Sears website, staying hydrated while breastfeeding is even more important than it is before you're lactating. Although drinking more water doesn't directly up your milk supply, water is vital for creating your breastmilk, and your body uses a lot of it when you make more milk. Replenishing your body throughout the day is important, but equally easy to forget about during the rush of diaper changes and errand running.

However, remembering to drink more water doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, these tips are simple enough that you can start right now. No fancy equipment or preparation required, because heaven knows you don't need one more item added to your to-do list.


Drink A Set Amount At Every Feeding

Instead of dying of thirst at each nursing session, have a glass of water beside you each time and drink one or two per session. You'll know how much you drink based on how often you nurse, and you'll never have to deal with the age old dilemma of being trapped while you nurse without hydration.


Carry A Water Bottle Everywhere You Go

Similarly, toting a reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go — not just during breastfeeding sessions — will automatically increase the amount of water you drink. According to Glasstic, a brand of reusable, glass water bottles, carrying a water bottle with you can delay hunger, improve your skin and internal health, help you stay alert longer, and of course, serve as a reminder to keep drinking water all day long.


Download An App

If you tend to forget to drink enough water throughout the day, downloading an app can be the perfect reminder. Waterlogged (Free)is a top rated iPhone app that allows you to take photos of your cups to log water intake, set reminders, synch with your FitBit and more.


Keep Extra Water In Your Fridge

It might sound too simple, but keeping one extra (always full and chilled) water bottle in your fridge can be a great motivation to keep drinking and swapping out as you go. When you finish one water bottle, refill it and put it in the fridge to stay cold while you work on the other one. Its a simple way to keep track of how much you drink, as well.