This Kid Lying About Eating Chocolate Is All Of Us

Videos of kids saying and doing hilarious things are all the rage on the internet, and for good reason. Whether it be their adorable voices, wide eyes, or loose interpretations of the English language, kids on the internet have a special way to our hearts. And this 4-year-old who denies eating chocolate is the latest example of the internet bringing us pure gold, especially considering that the evidence stacked up against him is pretty damning.

In a YouTube video uploaded by user David Kelly, fittingly titled, "The Missing Hot Chocolate," little Callum is faced with some pretty tough questioning from Kelly concerning some missing hot chocolate mix. According to the video's description, "Callum is 4 and constantly eats the hot chocolate powder from the tub, he got caught this time! Denies it totally until I switch the camera to selfie he also has his little brother Zack telling tales on him." And while Callum eventually admits to sneaking some chocolate and lying about it, it's pretty hard to be too mad at him. Especially with that accent and those eyes, because come on.

But don't just take my word for it. Watch little Callum's video here, because it's definitely worth your time.

As the video description states, Callum repeatedly denies eating the hot chocolate mix when he's first questioned about it. He's asked, "Did you eat hot chocolate?" and adamantly shakes his head no. Then, he's asked, "Are you telling me lies?" and again, stands by his original answer and shakes his head. But when he's asked, "What's on your face?" things start to get tricky.

In the background, you can hear his little brother answer the question ("Hot chocolate"), but Callum simply stares off, like he's trying to formulate the perfect response. After touching his hands to his face, Callum eventually says, "no," but gets questioned again. This time, Kelly wants to know what is on his face, if it's not hot chocolate. Callum's response? "Sauce... black sauce."

Eventually, when Kelly puts the phone in front-facing mode and Callum sees the chocolate on his face for himself, he admits to lying. Quirking one adorable little eyebrow up, and attempting to lick the remains of the chocolate powder from his face, he giggles when he realizes he's been caught.

"So you did eat hot chocolate, then?" he's asked. "Yes," Callum finally admits, his lies having caught up with him.

Lucky for Callum, he's pretty darn cute, so a little white (or milk, or dark) lie, isn't too bad.