Watch This 4-Year-Old's Hilarious 'Frozen' Makeup Tutorial

by Korey Lane

Ah, to be young again. Fresh skin, less wrinkles, and an imagination that just won't quit. Children really do have a unique ability to maintain innocence and confidence throughout just about anything. Seriously, it's enough to make you want to go back in time when things get rough. And this 4-year-old's Frozen makeup tutorial truly proves that she deserves her own YouTube channel, if for no other reason than to keep reminding viewers just how "pretty" we all are.

In a video shared by BuzzFeed this weekend, the little girl can be seen talking to the camera and telling her attentive audience that she will be going for an Elsa look this evening, and she completely nails it. While the name of the little girl is unknown, the content of the video is enough to make everyone wish there were more of her.

Her confidence speaks volumes, and her voice is just about the sweetest thing in the world. And although she does get some assistance from her mom throughout the video, her finesse with the makeup brush doesn't go unnoticed. And if she doesn't end up with a career in makeup artistry, a motivational speaker gig might also do the trick.

But, enough blabbing. Check out the video for yourself here:

The video starts with the 4-year-old informing us that she will be using a "blue blush," which may prompt some inquisitive stares, however, she then proceeds to apply the "blush" to her eyelids as an eyeshadow, to really surprise her audience. Of course, though, she couldn't not address the real elephant in the room: her Justin Bieber posters on her bedroom wall. "I know you guys can see my Justin Bieber poster," she states. Clearly, this girl doesn't really care what you think about her taste in music, and that's not all she stands firm on.

While she may not know "where the eyeliner goes," she still recognizes that she's beautiful, telling the audience multiple times, "and I'm really pretty." And you know what? Good for her. Women and girls have been made to feel small and insecure long enough, and if doing an Elsa-inspired makeup tutorial helps this little cutie feel pretty and makes her happy, then Godspeed.

Obviously, makeup is a personal choice, but if this little girl wants to wear it, and her mom gives her permission, then that's all that matters. Clearly, she's having fun with it, and learning to have a positive relationship with it. And in a society that continues to belittle girls and women based on their appearance, this 4-year-old's confidence is the inspiration we all need. Now, seriously, let's get her a YouTube channel, okay?