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4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Have An Affair, According To An Astrologer

by Kristina Johnson

No matter what stage your relationship is in, cheating is absolutely devastating. Once it's happened to you, it can be incredibly hard to get over, and even more challenging to learn to trust people again. It's hard not to wonder what could cause a person to betray their partner in such a way. It's also natural to want to understand what makes a cheater tick, so you can avoid winding up with one again in the future. There are a few zodiac signs most likely to have an affair. Of course it doesn't mean that everyone under these signs will be unfaithful at some point, but if you're one to let the stars guide your decisions in life, then it could be useful to keep this in mind.

I spoke with Brittany Binowski of Wonder Girl Astrology, who noted via email that your sun sign isn't the sole aspect of the zodiac to consider when it comes to understanding behaviors in a relationship. "I would probably put more emphasis on someone's Venus sign instead, and the aspects that their Venus makes. That is because Venus is the planet that represents who we are in relationships, and more accurately represents how a person would behave once intimately coupled." If you're not sure what your Venus sign is, you can use an online calculator to figure it out like this one from Cafe Astrology. But there's a good chance you'll be familiar with it already, says Binowski. "Because Venus travels very closely to the sun, that typically makes someone's Venus either in the same sign as their sun, the sign before, or the sign after."

Binowski breaks down how these four zodiac signs are most likely to end up cheating, and why each one may be compelled to stray.



Gemini is represented by the twins, and Binowski says that dual nature can create major relationship drama. "Gemini needs a lot of mental stimulation and excitement in order to stay committed and can easily leave when they become bored." While ending a relationship that's lost its thrill would be the healthier thing to do, Gemini doesn't always make that choice. "Gemini may seek out multiple partners, or two different kinds of partners at once — one person to satisfy one part of their personality, and another person to satisfy another part of their personality." Even if a Gemini is open to commitment, they may convince themselves that one person couldn't possibly fulfill all of their needs. "This confusion and inability to make a decision can then leave Geminis in uncomfortable situations in relationships, torn between two people — or it can cause them to just leave or 'ghost' one or both partners all together," says Binowski.

Geminis are by no means a lost cause, however. "They need a partner who is very lively, with lots of passions, who does not get offended easily, and can keep up with all their different ideas and interests. Once a Gemini finds that kind of person, they can be very loyal."


Another sign not necessarily known for its loyalty is Sagittarius. This sign is directly opposite from Gemini on the zodiac wheel according to Astro Style, so they share some things in common. "Sagittarius, similarly to Gemini, can also easily get bored, and needs a partner with much life experience and many interests to share," Binowski explains. "As to where a Gemini might avoid a difficult conversation about their love life or multiple love interests, a Sagittarius, however, might be more open about it." But that's not necessarily going to make it any easier to deal with. "If a Sagittarius is cheating on you, he or she might be more likely to admit it directly to your face with little or no shame... and then keep on cheating on you." Once a cheater, always a cheater may not be true for everyone, but it just might be a little bit more true for a Sagittarius, it seems.


Someone whose Venus sign is in Aries could also have a tendency to cheat, Binowski says. "Once the initial passion, desire, or lust calms down, a Venus in Aries may not be into all the work, commitment, and discipline that the relationship actually requires in order to maintain it, and then seek for ways to get out." Cheating may end up being the easiest way out, unfortunately, because an Aries isn't necessarily going to pause to consider how badly it would hurt their partner. "A Venus in Aries... is not known for their consideration of other people's feelings, so they may actually put their own feelings and needs in a relationship before the other person's, and prefer a partner who caters more to their needs." And to add insult to injury, an Aries isn't super likely to feel much remorse or even bother to apologize.


Pisces is known for being a super sensitive, empathetic sign, according to Astrology Answers, so it may come as a surprise that they may be a little more likely to cheat as well. But the reasons are a lot different, according to Binowski. "Venus in Pisces might be the sign most likely to 'accidentally cheat.' The phrase 'I don't know, it just happened," comes to mind." That may sound like a lame excuse, but as Binowski explains, "A Venus in Pisces can be terrible at setting boundaries with people and then get taken by surprise or taken advantage of."

Pisces never wants to cause anyone pain, but they can go about things in a way that ultimately makes everything worse. "They could at times be torn between two loyalties, or two people that they like and don't want to hurt. A Pisces then may avoid having the hard conversations to end one relationship that isn't working to get into another."