40 Inventive Products On Amazon That Protect The Klutz Inside All Of Us

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Klutzes of the world — you are not alone. Lots of people smack their heads against countless doors, spill an infinite numbers of drinks, and fall just trying to walk a straight line. These 40 inventive products on Amazon that protect the klutz inside all of us are pretty much guaranteed to make you and all fellow klutzes just a wee bit less adorably clumsy. Or at least it will seem that way to the outside world when you host your next party (and that's all that matters because your natural klutzy self is also totally charming).

From shatter-proof wine glasses that will never break — no matter how many times you drop them on the way to serve guests in your backyard — to rug grippers that keep you from slipping and sliding all over your house, this list of highly rated products includes genius options that help make you just a little less klutzy.

The variety of extraordinary products you'll find here in one place truly runs the gamut from tough-as-nails gloves that can withstand contact with the sharpest of knives (a must for chefs with two left hands) to a super cool volcano microwave oven cleaner that will remind you of your sixth grade science fair project.

You're perfect just the way you are — accident-prone and all — but these amazing products will help keep you safe and prevent spills and messes, making your life a whole lot less stressful.

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