40 May The 4th Memes For Any Star Wars Fan

by Jenn Rose

In today's divisive political climate, it's nice to know that there's still one thing that everyone can agree on: Star Wars is awesome. And while there might still be some minor disagreements within Star Wars fandom (which order to watch them, whether the prequels are hot garbage or just regular garbage), on the whole, the franchise binds us and unites us, like some kind of mystical whatchamacallit. You may roll your eyes at a few of the May the Fourth memes that you come across today, but it's comforting to know that no matter who you are, no matter what your sense of humor may be, there are other people out there who are right there with you.

Personally, my preferred types of Star Wars jokes are mash-ups with other facets of pop culture, and anything poking fun at the prequels, which is why "It's Always Sunny In Tatooine" is one of my favorite jokes of all time; click through if you have a minute, you're familiar with It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and you able to watch a video with sound right now. But I know that only appeals to a specific segment of the population. Twitter is here for the rest of you, with every kind of Star Wars meme under the sun. Let's dig in.

I mean, I'm sorry, but Luke was pretty dumb in the beginning. And whiny. Nothing but love; he was only a teen, after all. We were all dumb brats when we were teens, right?

If your spouse gets offended when you reply to "I love you" with "I know," honey, you need a new spouse.

No explanation needed, I assume.

Shout out to my brothers and sisters who need to use both Claritin and Flonase this year.

Oh, Portland. Never stop being you.

But let's get real specific here. Maybe you don't want to comb through all of these. I'll break them up for each and every interest group.

For The Movie Buffs

Or If You're More Into TV...

I've Even Got Some For Fashion Fans

And Political Junkies

Those Who Genuinely Enjoy Corporate Tie-Ins

P.S. This one drive me nuts because he didn't say "Luke, I am your father," he said "No, I am your father." I will not let that go.

A Few For The Foodies

Hot tip: the stirrers are actually chopsticks, and you can get them from ThinkGeek, and I have two pairs because why wouldn't I?

Now, Something For Classic Rock Fans

Can't Forget The Trolls

Those Who Like Bad Jokes & Dad Jokes

And Finally, My Animal Loving Friends

Now it's time to go home sick from work, pour a big glass of bantha milk, and watch the whole series (in Machete Order). May the Force be with you, always.