41 Funniest Parenting Tweets About Spring Break, Because It's Not A Vacation For Everyone


Ah, spring break: it's a time for sandy beaches, tropical beverages, and plenty of relaxation. Well, for some people at least. Parents in particular have a different take on this annual vacation from school. And, as reflected in the funniest parenting tweets about spring break, this week can mean more work than ever.

For many families, there's just no winning when it comes to spring break. If you do plan a family vacation, then someone will inevitably get sick. Staying home with your kids could mean hours of flipping water bottles and arguing with siblings. And if you had any hopes of using this time to catch up on work, well, that's probably going out the window.

That said, embracing the chaos can have its own charms. Sure, falling asleep while watching the same animated movie for the millionth time is not the same as a wild weekend in Cabo. However, there is something to be said for the little moments of bonding you get to spend with your kid during this week. Those springtime memories are priceless, even if you have to spend a lot of time learning the intricacies of video games. Hopefully, you and your family will enjoy a spring break that's perfect in its own way.

1. Real Talk

This is a sneak preview of adulthood, basically. One day you'll also get super excited about going to Costco.

2. Making Memories

OK, but the bowling shoes alone are fun.

3. Perspective

Of course, many teachers are parents, too.

4. Indulgences

It's the little things.

5. Vacay

Everybody needs a breather.

6. Well Played

Enjoy the silence.

7. Reality Check

Spring break is tough whether they're with you or not, to be honest.

8. The Quiet Game

Outright bribery is not off the table, either.

9. Statement Piece

You get to make some creative statements when you spend this much time with the kids.

10. $*!# Spring Break

Can you ban a holiday from your household?

11. Perfect Timing

Guess it's better than missing school?

12. Close Enough

Sometimes you have to lean into the chaos.

13. Preventative Measures

Although barfing can be its own form of entertainment, so there's that.

14. The Price Of Creativity

Just use your imagination.

15. Sweet Delusions

If only.

16. Finish Strong

It's basically an endurance event.

17. Distance Learning

Technology skills are important, too.

18. Managing Expectations

You can pretend the upstairs is Hawaii.

19. School Days

Some things are priceless.

20. Gamer Time

Your kid's hobbies can get so... interesting.

21. Away With You

If you're bored, you can always fold some laundry.

22. The Little Joys

Even the most hectic of spring breaks still have moments of magic.

23. Kids These Days

Well, there are worse ways to pass the time.

24. Self-Starter

You have to admire that initiative. Well, sort of.

25. Just What I Wanted

It's a family road trip straight to the doctor's office.

26. For Real

Those indoor inflatable places aren't cheap.

27. There Can Be Only One

If they're going to fight, it might as well be in the most ridiculous way possible.

28. Real Life

It's exactly like a beach vacation, right?

29. Basically The Worst

Although it is kind of tough when spring break weeks don't match up.

30. #LIT

Seriously though, that sounds charming.

31. No Go

"The beach is closed this year."

32. All Too True

How did this happen, exactly?

33. Things To Do

People to see. Naps to take.

34. Brace Yourselves

The latest thriller movie has nothing on this scenario.

35. Crucial Topics

OK, but pizza can figure into everyone's spring break, right?

36. Talk Amongst Yourselves

Want to learn how to file taxes? It's the best.

37. Party On

Basically, anything involving sleep is OK.

38. Sneaky Snake

If nothing else, you've earned the right to subtly mess with your kids from time to time.

39. Sincerest Wishes

If they're going to fight, hopefully they'll at least make it entertaining.

40. Friendly Reminder

Grapes are not that bad.

41. Time Well Spent

At least you're in good company.