44 Gifts For People Who Have Everything

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We all have that relative or friend we love but who is impossible to shop for — that frustrating person who already has everything and gives you no suggestions on what to buy. Only a truly inspired gift will do, and thankfully, the list of truly genius gifts for people who have everything is endless.

If someone already has everything they want, your best bet is to discover something they didn't know existed — that's the kind of thoughtful gift they will end up cherishing thanks to its genuine utility or unique uses.

For example, few people probably own a foot massager that suctions to the floor of their tub, allowing them to massage and scrub their feet without even bending down, but most people would want to snatch that product up as soon as they discovered it. And who wouldn't want a motion-sensor light inside their toilet that switches on as soon as you stumble by in the middle of the night? No one, that's who.

The volume of clever, underrated products available on Amazon that should honestly be household staples by now is enormous. We've done the work for you and found the very best, making your search for the impossibly hard person to shop for that much easier.

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