44 Smart Inventions You Can Get On Amazon That Make Life So Much Easier

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Life can be so difficult. With all of the tasks on your plate, something as simple as styling your hair or getting laundry over to the laundromat can feel like a huge burden. That's why these 44 smart inventions you can get on Amazon are golden — because they make life so much easier. Some, like the many smart plugs and light bulbs on this list that change how you use technology at home boast complicated tech designs, but they were all created to make life a whole lot less complex. What's not to love about that?

If you've ever wondered why there weren't more clever inventions that solve everyday annoying problems — such as how to get around the fact that your dorm room or teeny apartment will never fit a washer and dryer, but the nearest laundromat is miles (okay, one block) away — wonder no more.

This list of great inventions actually includes a compact washer and dryer that will most definitely fit in small spaces, as well as dozens of other amazing gadgets and tools like an electric egg cooker (because poached eggs are impossible to master), a double detangler comb made just for curly-haired beauties, and the single most efficient digital meat thermometer (with three probes) on the market.

Everything you do in life — from keeping up with your beauty routine to cooking, working, and dealing with annoying germs and viruses — is about to get worlds easier, thanks to these amazing inventions.

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