45 Great Gifts Under $8 That Are Way Better Than Giving A Card

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You know the old saying "stuck between a rock and a hard place?" That's how it can feel when there's an occasion coming up and you're not sure whether to buy a gift or just give that person you're thinking of a card. You don't want things to be awkward. You don't know if they're getting you a gift. Heck, you don't even know if you're at that gift-giving stage yet. Well, make like the Boy Scouts and be prepared with these 45 great gifts under $8 that are way better than giving a card, and that means you don't get caught empty-handed — and you're not over-spending, either.

This list is extremely comprehensive, so you're sure to find something for every in-between gift-giving situation you're up against. Additionally, the price point on these gifts means that if you're looking for a more upmarket gift, they're great for combining. For example, if it's a cook you're shopping for — let's say it's the cook who has everything — how about putting together a basket with this pastry wheel, these waffle tongs, and this cotton produce bag. Add a couple of hand towels and a nice bow and you're all set. Make combinations from this list for beauty lovers, guys, teens, travelers, and friends from the office — or stockpile these inexpensive treats so you always have a gift on hand for those occasions that slip your mind: because the struggle is real.

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