48 Things That Women Hear During Their Lives That Men Never Do — VIDEO

Despite 2015 having been dubbed "The Year of the Woman" and multiple publications claiming that last year was a "tipping point" for women and minorities, there's no denying that being a woman in the world is difficult. Thanks to long-lasting, extremely outdating gender stereotypes and continued sexism and fortified inequality in the workplace, women continue to face misogyny on a regular (if not daily) basis.

The Huffington Post recently brought together a number of women of various ages and races and asked them to recite the sexist things they've been told or heard throughout their lifetime. Many of the hurtful sentences the women say into the camera are said haphazardly, either vindictively or by oblivious individuals who don't realize how sexist and offensive their words really are.

This is arguably the beauty of having women say all the sexist things they've heard: It brings to light the misogynistic undertones that pepper a predominantly patriarchal culture. Without bringing these sexist and fallacious assumptions to light — shouting them if need be so that others can understand what women face every day — we can't possibly hope to change as a society. If 2015 was "The Year Of The Woman," maybe let's make 2016 "The Year Of Maximum Feminist Wokeness."

Women Are Bossy, Men Are Assertive

Girls Need To Be Protected, Boys Will Be Boys

Girls Are Pretty, Boys Are Smart

Girls Get Picked On, Boys Get Chased

Girls Don't Have Body Hair, Boys Do

Girls Are Distracting, Boys Get Distracted

Girls Like Things To Impress Boys, Boys Just Like Things

Girls Are Slutty, Boys Are Sexual

Women Are Prudes, Men Are Moral

Women Are Blamed, Men Make Mistakes

Women Are Enticing, Men Can't Help It

Women Are Emotional, Men Are Spirited

Women Are Attention Whores, Men Are Naturally Charismatic

A Woman Is A Bitch, A Man Is A Boss

Women Are Dramatic, Men Are Serious

Women Are Weak Because Of Their Bodies, Men Are Strong Because Of Theirs

Women Should Try To Appear Attractive, Men Shouldn't

Women Should Smile, Men Don't Have To

Women Are Exotic, Men Are Cultured

Women Are Body Parts, Men Are Human Beings

Women Are Harassed, Men Compliment

Women Should Want The Men Who Want Them, Men Should Want The Women They Want

Women Shouldn't Starve Themselves But They Should Be Unrealistically Skinny

Women Shouldn't Like Eating As Much As Men Do

Women Shouldn't Like Whiskey, Men Should

Women Shouldn't Like Football, Men Should

Women Are intimidating, Men Are Inspirational

Women Shouldn't Make Their Own Choices With Their Bodies, Men Should

Women Can't Have It All, Men Do Every Day

If A Woman Is A Feminist, She's Angry. If A Man Is A feminist, He's Enlightened.

Women Are Easily Influenced, Men Are Influencers

Women Want To Get Married, Men Are Terrified Of Marriage

Every Woman Should Want Kids, Every Man Should Be Afraid Of Kids

Women Have Biological Clocks, Men Just Have Clocks

Women Should Take A Man's Last Name, Men Should Make Women Take Their Last Name

Mothers Should Look A Certain Way, Fathers Can Look Any Way They Want

Women Shouldn't Work After They Have A Baby, Men Need To Work After They've Had A Baby

Stay-At-Home Mothers Are Lazy, Stay-At-Home Fathers Are Revolutionary

Working Mothers Are Selfish, Working Fathers Are Providers

Women Shouldn't Make More Money Than Men

Women Cook Dinner Because They Should, Men Cook Dinner Because They've Been "Trained"

Women Are Cougars, Men Are Playboys

Women Lose Value As They Get Older, Men Become More Interesting

For Women, Sexual Harassment Is A Gift. For Men, Sexually Harassing Someone Is A Compliment.

Being A Stay-At-Home Mom Isn't Fulfilling, Being A Stay-At-Home Dad Is Honorable

Older Women Should "Just Give Up," Older Men Don't Have Anything To Give Up

Women Should "Dress Their Age," Men Just Need To Worry About Getting Dressed

Older Women Are Not Attractive, Older Men Are "Silver Foxes"

Enough Is Enough

From the very young to the wonderfully old, women are constantly being told they are less than. It's beyond time that these 48 things stay in 2015, where they didn't belong but should rightfully stay.

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