4th-Grade Girl Answers Math Problem By Invoking "Girl Code" And, Just... Slow Clap

If I ever have a daughter, I may have to call Jenn Douglas for advice. Her 4th-grade daughter Maddy clearly knows what's up when it comes to the whether or not you should date a friend's ex-boyfriend. As Jenn recently shared on Facebook , her daughter invoked"Girl Code" as a way to shut down a (somewhat ridiculous) math question about eight fictional high schoolers and their interconnected dating habits. OK, first of all, what happened to the questions about the speeding trains leaving different cities and traveling towards each other? And second of all, how did Maddy get so awesome at such a young age? Let's add her to the list of potential besties

Jenn told Romper that this photo originally came about after Maddy actually had some first-hand experience with this rule: A summer camp romance led to some hurt feelings, prompting Jenn to introduce her kid to the concept of "Girl Code" (and as someone who's made some questionable dating decision in the past, I totally get it). High five to Maddy for understanding, remembering, and applying the rule on her homework months later. 

Hopefully, Maddy has a few years in front of her before she needs to worry about this one again, but in the meantime here's a few other Girl Code rules we want our daughters to learn, both for themselves and for their future besties. 

Never Leave a Friend Stranded Anywhere

Playground? Gymnastics class? Shopping cart? Stick together, ladies. 

Provide Assistance With All Things Grooming

Is she on the verge of a wardrobe malfunction? Asking for hair and make-up assistance? Exiting the ladies room with TP on her shoe? you know what to do. It doesn't know if you know her or not.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

If she can't count on her BFFs for the truth, who else can she count on?

Don't Talk About Another Woman Behind Her Back

Unless, of course, you are secretly singing her praises to her romantic interest and/or future employer. 

Take Every Opportunity To Back Her Up, Not Tear Her Down

If there's a single Golden Rule for women, it's this: Lift up others as you would have them lift you up.

Images: Courtesy of Jenn Douglas; Giphy(5)