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'Big Little Lies' Fans Don't Trust Mary Louise As Far As They Could Throw Her

by Megan Walsh
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Secrets are a huge part of Big Little Lies. The idea of hiding things is built into the very title of the show, which references all the major and minor ways the characters are deceitful. Often they're out to protect themselves or others, but not everyone has honorable motives for being dishonest. These 5 Big Little Lies theories take a deeper look at some of the darker possibilities that have been hinted at throughout the first two episodes of Season 2.

Perry's unsettling mother Mary Louise is the biggest new addition to the cast this year, and not just because she's played by The Meryl Streep. She has the power to bring the Monterey 5's lives crashing down around them by trying to dig up the truth about what happened to Perry. But there seems to be more than meets the eye to the Wright family, especially when it comes to Perry's upbringing. What happened in that house to turn him into the violent man he became? Only Mary Louise knows.

Meanwhile, Celeste is barely holding on as she tries to come to terms with both Perry's abuse and his sudden death. And Renata just doesn't want to not be rich, okay?! These women are dealing with a lot, but some of these theories just heap more trouble onto their plates.

Mary Louise Can't Be Trusted

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Mary Louise could provide a lot of insight into Perry's childhood and how he came to be the monster that he was. Reddit user dawnGrace wrote they wouldn't be surprised to learn that Mary Louise was abusive, as well. She's certainly manipulative and has a talent for gaslighting those around her. Perhaps Perry mirrored behavior he learned from his mother. Mary Louise's actions could have even led to the demise of the mysterious Raymond Wright.

Who Is Raymond?

While talking to Celeste in the second episode, Mary Louise mentioned how devastated she was by the loss of someone named "Raymond." She credited Perry with getting her through it. Fans immediately began to wonder if Raymond was Perry's father, and his death made mother and son even closer. But later in the same episode, a flashback to Perry and Celeste's first date revealed that he had a brother who died when they were young. Is Raymond actually Perry's brother? That would make a lot of sense.

How Did Raymond Die?

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It may not be clear who Raymond is exactly, but it's obvious there were some significant deaths in the Wright family. The show bringing it up twice indicates that it's something that may be explored later. Redditor ides_of_arch believed that Mary Louise was involved in Raymond's death (a popular theory) though many seem to think Perry could have been involved, too. Perhaps a childish spat between brothers took a dark turn.

Celeste Is Hiding Something

Right before Celeste crashed her car in Episode 2, there was a brief flashback to her hooking up with a stranger in the backseat. It definitely wasn't Perry, because the man had a gigantic back tattoo. That led some viewers to doubt her story of accidentally sleep-driving while on Ambien. Her heavy eye makeup and cagey responses seemed suspect, like she might be hiding something. It's just not clear yet what she's hiding.

Gordon Klein Is Going To Ruin Everything

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Renata's husband Gordon is already in her bad books for getting arrested, but he might make things even worse for the Monterey 5. Several Redditors, including Cmoaca and butterbean8686, speculated that he might spill some key information to the cops about the night Perry died in order to lessen his own sentence. Once a flop, always a flop.

Something is brewing on Big Little Lies, but it may be some time before it all comes to a head. These women know how to keep a secret, after all.

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