5 Breastfeeding Tricks For When You Want To Feel Less Exposed

Whether you're a seasoned pro or are just beginning your breastfeeding journey, nursing in public can be stressful. You can be completely "pro public nursing" and still feel nervous or over-exposed when you're sitting down to eat at a restaurant full of people, and your baby decides they need to eat too. Luckily, if you don't particularly enjoy flashing the general public, there are lots of breastfeeding tricks to when you want to feel less exposed that are worth giving a try.

Although there is absolutely no reason to be ashamed about feeding your baby around other people, or any laws stating that a nursing mom needs to cover up (in fact, the National Conference of State Legislature stated that there's legislation saying the opposite in most states in the U.S.) it's your right to nurse your baby however you want to. If that means covering up, or using one of these methods to ensure you're keeping your boobs between you and your baby, that's totally fine.

The beauty of breastfeeding is that it's not really between anyone other than you and your child, so doing what makes the both of you feel most comfortable should be your top priority. These tricks are simple, subtle, and easy to put to use where ever you are. The next time you're nursing in public and feel stressed out, try out one of these tips to make things a little bit more relaxing for you.


Turn Away Latch

Arguably the hardest part of nursing in public is getting the latch down. It's the point when more of your breast will be easily exposed because you need to give the baby enough to latch onto. Turning towards a wall or away from the people around you can be all you need to do to make sure less skin is seen. Although this video doesn't demonstrate discreetness, it does an excellent job of showing how to get a deep, proper latch — a necessary technique no matter where you're nursing.


Using A Ring Sling

Nursing in a sling is a great way to nurse basically hands-free and remain fairly covered. If you want even more coverage, wear a nursing top or dress with a slit that you can simply lift up, instead of pulling down your entire shirt.


Use A Nursing Cover

Nursing with a nursing cover is the easiest way to get the most coverage. Though there's no rule saying that you must use a cover, they're a great option for not bearing it all.


Use An Infinity Scarf

A simple infinity scarf can work just as well as a nursing cover, and they're generally much more lightweight and can double as an accessory.


Wear A Cami Underneath Your Top

If you're looking for a "cover-free" way to nurse your baby without completely exposing your breast, this video shows a super easy method you can use. Simply wear a cami underneath whatever you're wearing. It will prevent your entire midsection from showing and the shirt you're wearing on top will cover the rest of your breast.