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5 Cute Ways To Keep Your Kid Away From The Christmas Tree

If you love to decorate, the holidays are a great time to let your imagination run wild. Nothing's more fun than tricking out your house with lots of baubles and bling. But if you have small children, you may be concerned that your tree won't survive the holiday season. After all, who wouldn't want to check out a big, shiny, lighted object that suddenly appeared in the middle of their living room? If you are worried about your curious kid doing damage to your tree, you need to know some cute ways to keep your kid away from the tree.

Letting your small children near your holiday tree could not only end up ruining your holiday decor, but it could harm your little one. Small children can injure themselves on pieces of shattered glass ornaments, electrical wires, or pine needles. This is why it's important for parents to make sure their holiday tree is totally toddler proof.

Fortunately, there are some super cute ideas for keeping your valuable ornaments and holiday lights away from your wee ones. From a decorative wall of faux presents to tiny table top version of your tree, you can keep things fun and festive in your home while keeping your little ones safe.


Wrap A Gate

The Stir suggested installing a safety gate around the perimeter of your tree to keep your curious little ones away from ornaments that are breakable or potentially dangerous to your child. Add a festive touch by wrapping the gate with colorful holiday paper.


Make A Gift Wall

If you think the idea of a gate around your tree will completely ruin the decor, you can make a wall that fits in with the holiday theme. Wrap boxes filled with books or other heavy objects and place them around the outside of your tree, as Love From the Oven suggested.


Avoid Decorations That Look Good Enough To Eat

According to Pregnancy and Baby, avoiding ornaments that look like candy or food can help keep your little ones from wanting to get too close to the tree. Instead, decorate your tree with felt or plastic ornaments that are safer for small kids.


Let Them Touch Things

If a child is told that something is off limits, they'll only want to touch it that much more. Instead, Essential Baby suggested parents let kids touch some of the ornaments before you place them on the tree. Once their curiosity has been satisfied, they may be less likely to want to get close to the tree.


Use A Tabletop Tree

Until your little one is old enough to understand that the tree is off limits, you can opt for a smaller version that is out of her reach. As Apartment Therapy suggested, a tabletop tree is a good option for parents of small children.