5 DIY Ideas To Ease Postpartum Vaginal Pain

by Olivia Youngs

New moms have a lot going on — those tiny newborns are pretty demanding — and, as a result, they tend to neglect postpartum self-care. But caring for yourself is important, and there are some aspects of your recovery you can't afford to ignore. Whether you suffered a tear during labor that required a few stitches or things are just feeling a bit sore down there, utilizing a few DIY ideas to ease postpartum vaginal pain will help you feel as comfortable and normal as possible while your body heals.

No matter how smooth or complicated your vaginal delivery was, you're going to experience some pain down there. The recovery period can be intimidating, as you juggle caring for your newborn and your body, but preparing for it is as important as preparing for labor. Having a few ideas up your sleeve will help you feel more confident as you move into the postpartum period, and the good news is, these tricks really work and they'll probably become your new best friends.

Most of these DIY ideas are pretty simple, requiring only a few household items, but they'll be so soothing that you'll keep them around for your entire recovery period and maybe even longer.


DIY Padsicles

To a sore vagina, Alexsis Mae's DIY padsicles are as soothing as you'd imagine. All you need are some pads (the biggest kind you can find,) witch hazel, aloe vera gel, and some lavender essential oil. Freezing your pads might sounds like some kind of strange voodoo, but trust me, you'll be addicted to how good it feels.


DIY Herbal Sitz Bath

Although you can keep it simple and just use epsom salts for your bath (they can work wonders alone,) adding a few herbs proven to help promote healing will only increase the bath's effectiveness. Wellness Mama's herbal sitz bath recipe has everything you need to create your own heavenly herbal mixture, with links to where you can buy the herbs for yourself.


Black Tea Pads

Again, don't judge it until you try it. According to one article from Parents, black tea has anti-inflammatory properties that can work wonders on the pain from hemorrhoids or tears. Soothe your nether region by steeping a bag of tea, letting it cool off, and literally placing it on top of a pad in your underwear. The warmth will feel amazing and the tea will work its magic.


Ice Pack Diapers

The Bump noted that icing can help prevent swelling within the first 24 hours. After that it won't help with swelling, but it will certainly feel good. Aside from the padsicles, which can take a bit of time to make, simply stuffing a newborn diaper with some ice is a great way to keep things cool, the article suggested.


DIY Postpartum Spray

The concept is similar to a sitz bath, but the spray is portable and doesn't require much time to use. The Paleo Mama suggested making a postpartum spray with an empty spray bottle, filling it with witch hazel (which is incredibly soothing,) and adding about 40 drops of lavender and frankincense essential oils. Both oils promote healing, and spraying the concoction on your perineum after using the bathroom or whenever you need it will help speed up the healing process.