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5 DIY Kim & Kanye Costumes For Kids, Because Kimye Appeals To All Ages

Love them or hate them, there's no denying that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West are among the hottest couples in Hollywood right now. His off the cuff comments to her booty-bearing outfits and her flawlessly fabulous selfies always manage to find a way to break the internet. Your young kids may not know much about them, but you can bet they will at some point. And although most of the couple's looks tend to push the envelope, you can modify them and create some DIY Kim and Kanye costumes for kids.

When you're as popular as these two A-listers, you have to be camera ready at all times. After all, the paparazzi is capturing your every move. From the Met Gala to the Grammys to a playdate with Jay Z and Beyoncé, Kimye's looks never manage to disappoint their faithful followers. They aren't afraid to go there, and somehow have the ability to make even a plain white t-shirt and jeans look fierce.

Check out these pint-sized versions of some of Kim and Kanye's infamous outfits, and take a little inspiration for your kids' Halloween costumes this year. They may not be going to an award show, but they're sure to be the talk of the neighborhood.


Werk, Werk, Werk

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When Kimye went out to party with their girl Rihanna in 2015, they were nothing less than casual cool. You can put together this look with a few basic pieces in neutral colors. For Kanye, you'll need distressed jeans (starting at $27), short-sleeved oxford shirt ($12), and brown boots ($50).

To recreate Kim's all-taupe look, you'll need a dress ($39), knee-high boots ($40), and trench coat ($52).


Met Gala Glam

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Kim and Kanye are known for looks that get people talking, and their 2013 Met Gala appearance was no exception. To get Kim's look, look for a long maxi dress with a floral print ($32). For Kanye, try a black tux ($63), without the tie.


Fashion Show Fab

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Now that Kanye has his own fashion line, the two have an even bigger presence at Fashion Week. This year, they made chic look effortless. Recreate Kim's look with a sweater dress ($18) and a pair of slouchy knee-high boots ($27).

To get Yeezy's look, you only need a long black t-shirt ($6), a pair of black casual pants ($20), and black sneakers ($20).


Grammy God and Goddess

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Kimye's 2015 Grammy look got mixed reviews on the red carpet. But if you loved it, you can recreate a kid-friendly version this Halloween. Get Kim's outfit with a gold cardigan ($20), gold belt ($4), and gold leggings ($21). To get Yeezy's look, pick up a black tux ($40) and black sneakers ($34) for your boy.


Oui, Oui, Paris

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Kimye even manages to have people talking in Paris, a place known for fashion. This 2013 Paris Fashion Week look was simple, yet so classy. For Kanye, you'll need a white suit ($40), white t-shirt ($10 for 5), and white sneakers ($35). For Kim, dress your little girl in a black blazer ($35) and black dress pants ($20)