5 Early Signs Your Kid Will Be Independent

The words "I can do it by myself" aren't foreign to most parents of toddlers. But for some kids, independence mayo be less of a phase and more of a lifestyle. Independence is a highly valued trait in our society and one that, if channeled properly, can lead confidence and success later in life. There are a few early signs your kid will be independent that parents can be on the look out for, because some traits that start young stick around for life.

Although being dependent is in a young child's nature (they can't really change their own diapers,) some kids seem to be able to handle everything on their own from the time they're in diapers — or at least think they can. If your kiddo tends to push you away, wanting to try everything on their own, don't put it on your list of traits to "correct." Instead, learn how to work with their independent personality instead of trying to squelch it.

Give your child small tasks that they can complete on their own — like helping you sort dishes, or making their own bed, or picking out certain foods at the grocery store — to encourage their independence. Later in life, the trait will serve them well.

Wondering if your child will be doing it on their own for a while? Here are a few early signs your child will be claiming independence.


They Prefer To Take Charge, Rather Than Let You Show Them How Things Are Done

Even though most kids don't enjoy being told what to do, for some children, their sense of independence and leadership emerges early. Baby Center encouraged parents to give their children small tasks to complete by themselves from a young age, such as putting away their toys, making their bed, or helping with pets — this will encourage their already independent spirit.


They Feel Comfortable To Ask Questions And Explore At Home

When parents encourage an atmosphere that allows for exploration and questioning, they're likely to be more independent later on. One study noted that the ability to ask questions is essential for children's growth and integration into the real world.


They're Fearless

A young child who isn't scared of taking risks is likely to hold onto that trait as they get older. Although it can be terrifying for parents to watch their fearless kids, according to Family Share, it's a positive trait that can be channeled appropriately to the child's advantage.


They Enjoy Doing Things By Themselves

Some children enjoy playing by themselves from a young age, while others need constant companionship. If your kid has been able to play alone for periods of time, likes feeding themselves, and seems to be in a permanent "I can do it" phase, they're probably on the path towards being an independent child.


They're Rarely Bored

Independent kids come up with games to play all on their own. If the words "I'm bored" rarely come out of their mouth, you may have an independent kid on your hands.