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5 Easy 'Finding Dory' Costumes For Kids So They Can Keep Swimming On Halloween

It's no surprise that Finding Dory took the world by storm this summer. So naturally, kids and adults alike will be swimming up to Halloween parties and every Trick-or-Treat-worthy house dressed as characters from the hit sequel. If your kids have been begging for a Dory costume (or any other character) this year, don't rush off to the closest costume store just yet. There are lots of easy Finding Dory costumes for kids that you can make yourself, saving money, and ensuring that their costume is one of a kind, even though they probably won't be the only Nemo or Dory on the block.

Even if you're not savvy with a sewing machine, you shouldn't shy away from the idea of making your kid's costume this year. Most of these ideas are actually very simple, and have easy to follow no-sew tutorials from parents, bloggers, or expert crafters who have made the costumes themselves. Every character from Destiny, to Hank, to Dory herself can all be made with easy to find supplies, so even if you have multiple kids who want Finding Dory-themed costumes, you can make them easily and for a more reasonable price than purchasing a brand new store bought Nemo suit.


Dory (Or Dory's Parents)

The head lining character herself will be the character on every kid's mind this Halloween, and luckily, making her costume isn't as hard as you'd think. Using a blue kids hoodie ($30) and blue sweatpants ($7), yellow socks ($6), some fabric paint and glitter, you can paint a few black stripes on the hoodie and pants, adding some glitter to help it look wet. You can follow this tutorial from E-How to make simple fins and eyes for the costume.


Squirt The Turtle


Everyone's favorite little dude is another great idea for a Halloween costume. All you'll need is a green onesie ($4) or sweats and a hoodie ($10), and two small squares of soft green fabric and stuffing to make the shell. This tutorial from Fun, Cheap, or Free is a great example of how one mom made a Squirt costume, shell and all, for her little one.


Nemo Or Marlin

Instructibles has a great no-sew clownfish costume for either an adult or child. All you need is an orange hoodie ($7), some orange sweats ($25), some black and white felt, and a hot glue gun to make it all come together. Some orange and white face paint would also be an option to complete the look.


Hank The Octopus

Hank the Octopus is one of the new additions to the Finding Nemo cast and he would make a great character to dress up as this Halloween. All you need is — you guessed it — an over-sized red hoodie ($7), some red pants ($30), some black, light blue, and white felt, and something to stuff the hoodie with. Follow along with the easy to follow instructions by Desert Chica for more.




Destiny, Dory's friend from her younger years, is one of the movie's main characters and a great (although more illusive) idea for a Halloween costume. Using this shark costume tutorial from Make It Love It as your guide, you can easily adapt it to look a bit more like Destiny. Simply buy a matching grey (or grey-ish blue) hoodie ($12) and sweats ($7), and some white and black felt. To make the costume look more like Destiny, simply paint some white spots on the back.