5 Fashionable Ways To Hide Your Baby Bump

When someone women learn they're pregnant, they want to shout it form the roof tops (or, more accurately, social media.) Others may opt to keep the news under wraps. Unfortunately when you’re in the first — or even second trimester — stage of limbo where people aren’t sure if you’ve got a human baby or a food baby in your stomach, it may be harder to hide the news from family and friends. And if you want to keep the news a secret, you may find yourself searching for simple fashionable ways to hide your baby bump.

That can be a bit tricky, though, when your wardrobe choices seem limited to either giant, shapeless muumuus or blatantly obvious maternity clothing, complete with floral patterns and giant bows. And sometimes, the reasons for wanting to disguise your stomach go even deeper. For many, the fear of miscarriage plays a large role in choosing when and how you reveal that they are with child. Since almost twenty percent of pregnancy end in miscarriage, it can be a very real concern for most women. Even Bethenny Frankel wanted to wait 12 weeks before revealing her pregnancy. So whatever your reason, if you are looking for creative and simple ways to hide your baby bump, then these tips are just for you.


Opt For Vertical Prints

Disguising your bump is all about tricking the eye and redirection, so use patterns to your advantage. In an article for Women's Health, senior fashion editor Thea Palad writes that a vertical print pattern gives a more slimming appearance. Not to mention it can breathe new life into your wardrobe.

Gap Print Maxi Dress ($30)


Embrace Color

Pregnant or not, most people's instinct is to go for black when trying to hide their figure. But you don't have to shy away from color just to disguise your bump. Palad writes that  color blocking and ombre are great ways fool the eye. But whatever colors you choose, keep the darker shades over the bump and the brighter hues on the areas you want to highlight. This way you draw attention away from the belly. 

H&M MAMA Ruffled Sleeveless Dress, ($40)


Layer, Layer, Layer

Jenny Chung, style expert and owner of fashion store Acrimony, told Refinery29 that combining vests with cardigans and open shirts can create a slimming appearance. Plus it’s a great way to take a simple outfit to the next level.

Destination Maternity Bespoke Faux Fur Vest, ($295)


Stick To Your Style

Drastically switching up your look is a surefire way to get people talking about whether your bump is really a bump. By sticking to your style and personal preference is the best way to keep people from wondering whether or not you're expecting. 


When It Doubt, Accesorize

Since you already know it's about getting people to look anywhere except your stomach, why not have a little fun with it? Stylist Marina Muñoz told Vogue that wearing bold jewelry will help draw attention to your face instead. And who doesn't love an excuse to go shopping for some new accessories?

Images: rocketclips/Fotolia; GapH&MDestination Maternity; Courtesy of Chris PhutullyStacie/Flickr