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5 Fast Food Restaurants With Thanksgiving Deals That'll Make You Want To Ditch Cooking Entirely

If you need a quick food fix this holiday season, let the drive-thru help you out. There are many fast food restaurants with Thanksgiving deals so tempting, you just might skip out on the cooking altogether. Seriously, it's difficult to pass up a spicy turkey sandwich that costs less than most lattes, especially if you're trying to save up as much cash as you can so that you can do the most Black Friday damage.

Depending on your location, it's possible to grab a bag of turkey sandwiches, sweet potato fries, or even an entire pre-cooked turkey at these restaurants. Because many of these limited-time only meals come with cranberry or stuffing on the sandwich too, it's basically all the best parts of Thanksgiving in one item. If easy and tasty foods are what you want, then these places have you covered.

There are plenty of reasons you might want to order fast food on Thanksgiving. Maybe work or school means you're far from family on the fourth Thursday of November. Even if you have to skip the full-blown festivities, you'd probably appreciate a little taste of the holidays. Or, if you're attending a Friendsgiving, these fast food offerings are a great option for the people who aren't super-great cooks. Just grab a bag of turkey sliders and show up to the party. Your hosts and fellow guests might give you some weird looks, but to be honest, they'll probably be the first options cleared off the dinner table. Lastly, perhaps you and your family just aren't up to big celebrations this year. The family cook — a.k.a. you — may feel under the weather, or maybe you break out in hives when you think about all that prep work. Whatever the case, these festive fast food options are perfect for anyone who craves a little taste of turkey without all the work.



OK, so in a perfect world you could pull into the Popeye's drive-thru Thanksgiving morning and purchase a perfectly cooked and spiced turkey. But this deal is almost as good. Cajun-style turkeys can be ordered from certain Popeyes locations in time for your holiday celebrations. You will need to heat up the bird yourself, but it's still a lot easier than cooking one from scratch. Use the find-a-Popeyes feature to see whether your location has turkeys available. Prices will vary from store to store, but the Popeyes I called in New Orleans is selling them for $37.99. Sprinkle some Cajun Sparkle on that turkey and you're all set for a feast.


White Castle

White Castle is serving up some pretty great holiday options this season. For instance, the seasonal sampler ($8, White Castle) includes two bistro turkey sliders, six original sliders, and a choice of classic or sweet potato fries. Plus, the turkey sliders are made with Butterball turkey. Honestly, I could eat a bag of sweet potato fries for Thanksgiving and be perfectly content. Those suckers are delicious.



Arby's has thrown its hat into the ring this holiday season as well. For a limited time, the restaurant offers a Cajun deep fried turkey sandwich, a deep fried turkey club, and a sandwich called "the gobbler" with deep fried turkey, cranberry spread, and bacon. Prices and availability may vary by location.



The burger joint with the best name of all time also serves up some turkey this season. For a limited time, the stuffed turkey burger is available, and it comes with onion rings and bacon on top, as well as a cranberry aioli sauce. I'm intrigued by the idea of a cranberry aioli, because it sounds pretty tasty. And as with most of the options at fast food places, the prices may vary by location.



Don't forget that the coffee giant also serves quick bites, too. For the Thanksgiving holidays, Starbucks has a holiday turkey & stuffing panini that will make your lunch break pretty dang festive. The stuffing even contains a cranberry-herb mixture to hit all the holiday high notes.

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