5 Fun Facts About Jana Duggar, The Often-Forgotten Oldest Sister

Longtime followers of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar — and their brood of 19 children — have likely enjoyed watching the Duggar siblings grow up, enter into courtships, get married, and start families of their own. However, one sibling in particular has remained on the sidelines through all of these exciting milestones on TLC's Counting On: Jana. Sure, she appears in plenty of episodes that involve pitching in with a renovation or an interior design, helping one of her sisters deliver a baby, and as a bridesmaid in weddings. But fans still might not know much about Jana as a person. So here are 5 fun facts about Jana Duggar, the often-forgotten, oldest sister.

Fans of Counting On are probably well-acquainted with many of the older Duggar siblings, like Jessa, Jinger, Joy-Anna, and Joseph. That's because all of these guys are married and have children of their own. So naturally, TLC has followed them through every step fo the process: Getting to know their partners in a courtship setting, popping the question, wedding planning, their big day, spilling the baby news, the pregnancy itself, and finally labor and delivery. (Now that Josiah is married, I'm sure fans will be expecting a pregnancy announcement in the near future.) However, because Jana remains unmarried — and is still not even in a courtship at this time — she's mostly been a supportive character in the family's narrative. As a result, some people might be unaware that ...

1. She's Actually A Twin

Yep! While Jana is technically the second-eldest of the Duggar siblings, it's only by minutes. That's because her twin brother, John David, was also born on Jan. 12, 1990. Even though they have the same birthdate (and were obviously raised together in the same family), Jana and John David had very different personalities growing up, as Michelle explained in a 2014 blog post for TLC.

As they were growing, I realized that they were so different from each other. Jana and John, of course being boy and girl, had a lot of differences in that respect, but their personalities were so different, too. One was so laid back and the other one was so energetic and into everything. John David just watched Jana because she had enough energy for both of them.

2. She's Single & Ready To Mingle

During a 2016 episode of Counting On, a producer asked Jana where she saw herself in five years. That's when she revealed she didn't have any major plans — aside from hopefully marriage. "That's a hard one. Well maybe, you know, I'll meet the one and get married and have kids and stuff," she answered. The producer went on to acknowledge, "it's not like there haven't been interested suitors." To that, Jana replied, "There have been different guys come along and ask, but it's just not ... They haven't been, you know, I don't know, the right one." You go, girl! Kudos to Jana for not settling just for the sake of getting married.

3. She's A Jane Of All Trades

Like her twin brother, it seems as if there isn't much Jana can't do. Not only does she continue to help out with her younger siblings — and serve as a concert pianist, according to a Duggar family Facebook update — but she's also a pretty mean gardener, too. "The garden has definitely been something that I've enjoyed — it's just a nice, peaceful kind of getaway," she said in a Counting On clip from April.

Jana has also been involved in a number of home renovation projects, including transforming the look of Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo's kitchen. And as she said during a clip of installing lighting into Jessa and Ben Seewald's bedroom, "Yeah, I don't only cook and take care of babies — surprise!" So yeah. Those who like to call her "Cinderella Duggar" because she still helps out with her younger siblings can shut it.

4. She's Trained As A Doula

Both Jana and her younger sister, Jill, showed an interest in helping moms deliver babies — and so they had previously worked under a local midwife. While Jill studied midwifery specifically, Jana seemed to be more interested in the dula aspect of childbirth. "I'm learning the skills, but not necessarily wanting to be in charge of the entire situation," Jana said in an episode of 19 Kids & Counting. "It kind of, I don't know, scares me a little. And so I would rather just be on the sidelines." Although it's unclear if Jana still helps midwife patients in this manner, she has been present for all of her sisters' births — so she's had plenty of opportunity to use her skills lately.

5. She Still Lives At Home

In the Duggar family, adult children remain living at home until they are married. It's just one of those family rules. But not only is the 28-year-old still living under Michelle and Jim Bob's roof, but she's also sharing a bedroom with her much-younger sisters, according to In Touch Weekly. Which is totally fine if Jana's cool with it. It's just not something a typical 28-year-old is doing at this point in life.

And there you have it! Jana Duggar may not be at the forefront of Counting On storylines, but it seems she's doing just fine on the sidelines for the time being. Considering her twin, John David recently got engaged at 28 — which is practically ancient, by Duggar standards — there's still plenty of time for Jana to find "the one." In the meantime, it looks as if she has plenty to keep her busy. (And it's not all cooking and babysitting!)