5 Fun Snacks That Your Kids Will Love To Eat

There are certain struggles so universal that literally everyone can relate. David vs. Goliath, head vs. heart, moms vs. their kids at snack time — you know the ones.

Parents will agree — there's no power struggle quite like the one that occurs at snack time.

That's why we teamed up with Jif® Power Ups® to bring you a roundup of kid- AND mom-approved snacks so fun, so creative, and so delicious that your kids will actually eat them, not to mention ask for them again and again. Talk about a win-win snack-situation!

So next time you find yourself at an impasse when it comes to snack time, don't fret — we're here to help. If we've learned anything from our snack experimentation, it's that it IS indeed possible to have the best of both worlds.

Here are 5 snacks so fun that they'll make snack time struggles a thing of the past.

1. Palm Tree Beach Scene

What could be better than a family trip to the beach? Not much, but this adorable snack plate is a close second. Fresh kiwi and mango slices combined with Jif® Power Ups® Creamy Cluster™ Granola With Peanut Butter Centers make for a beachy scene complete with everything your kids will love...minus all that impossible-to-get-rid-of sand.

Note: It may take more than one pack of Jif® Power Ups® to complete the scene.

2. Rainbow Peacock

Just like a real peacock in the wild, this fruity version contains (almost) every color of the rainbow, and as a bonus, it kind of looks like a plateful of candy to the eyes of a kid.

The best part? It's loaded with whole fruit, utilizing nothing but pear, grapes, blueberries and raspberries.

3. Woodsy Log Cabin

We can all agree — no camping trip is complete without next-level snacks. And this woodsy cabin scene is no exception. Ignite your kids' imaginations and transport them to the campsite of their dreams with this easy-to-throw-together snack.

All you need are watermelon slices, green apple, orange slices, popcorn, and Jif® Power Ups® Chewy Granola Bars, and you'll have a snack that your kids won't be able to get enough of.

4. Lion

The lion is commonly considered the king of the jungle, but we can guarantee that you'll be crowned the queen of snack time after whipping up this surprisingly uncomplicated concoction.

Pineapple, cantaloupe, apple, and strawberries are all you need to create this masterpiece that's *almost* too cute to eat.

5. Bird's Nest

Do your kids love butterscotch bird's nest desserts as much as we do? Give them a much healthier (but just as fun to eat) alternative with this fresh, fruity take on the bird's nest. This recipe uses peaches, strawberries, apples and pumpkin seeds to create a yummy scene straight out of an oak tree.

This post is sponsored by Jif® Power Ups®.