These Deep Fried Thanksgiving Turkey Fails Are Horrifying, Yet Hilarious

Thanksgiving isn't meant to be an extreme sport. It's supposed to be a calm, happy gathering, with delicious food and good conversation. For some families though the simple act of cooking their turkey turns out to be much more action packed than they hoped. Baking the bird may be the standard method, but for those who like it to be crunchy, crispy, flaky on the outside and soft and moist on the inside, deep frying it is the answer. However, deep frying a full turkey can be more dangerous than it may seem and these deep fried Thanksgiving turkey fails are proof that the method isn't for the faint of heart.

Before getting to the fun and fiery part, a few tips on how to successfully deep fry a turkey without any flames, explosions, or injuries may come in handy, so that you understand why these fails happened in the first place.

According to Butterball, arguably the leading expert in the "fried food" and turkey realm, whether you plan to deep fry indoors or outdoors with a propane fryer, starting with a fully thawed or fresh turkey is key.

Furthermore, oil, according to the Department of Physics at the University of Illinois, has a much higher boiling point than water. This makes it great for cooking, but potentially dangerous if too much oil is used or it's heated to too high of a temperature.

Most of these "funny fails" could have escalated quickly with dangerous consequences, and they could have been easily prevented had the turkeys been fully unfrozen or had they used proper amounts of oil.

Whether you're here to learn about what you should not do with your turkey this year or are looking for a laugh, these hilarious and borderline dangerous deep fried turkey fails will make you think twice before frying your bird without doing your research. And everyone knows that a perfectly cooked (roasted or fried) turkey on Thanksgiving doesn't happen by accident. It takes a lot of work, definitely making it something to be thankful for.


A Disappointed Family

Watch as an awkward silence envelops onlookers as flames envelop their Thanksgiving turkey. To sum it all up, "we have no idea what to do". Although it's uncertain what their mistake was, since the video starts with full on flames, you can see the depressing aftermath of a turkey-less Thanksgiving.


A Frozen Turkey

In an experiment monitored by professionals and with precautions taken, Tech Insider shows what happens when you deep fry a fully frozen turkey. Education, as they say, is key. When a frozen turkey is placed in boiling oil, it causes what the video calls a "B.L.E.V.E" or "boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion." Scary!


Every Turkey's Worst Nightmare

This compilation of fails is proof that you shouldn't deep fry unless you know what you're doing. From overflowing oil to flames and explosions, it's entertaining and terrifying all at once. If you have the patience to watch 13 minutes of fails, the video ends by showing a few deep frying successes, a small gesture of hope that it can be done.



Although the build up is long, these guys quickly realize that they used far too much oil. Although nothing caught on fire or exploded, it could have been much, much worse, as everyone else with their phones out seemed to realize. We also learn an important lesson here: Wear pants. Extra props to the man in tie dye who isn't even wearing shoes.


Five Seconds Of Glory

Does it count as a "deep fried fail" if the turkey never makes it into the fryer? You can be the judge of that. Although no explosions or flames were involved, perhaps the most disappointing fail of all is the turkey that never had the chance to be fried. Unless they're proponents of the five second rule. And it's better that it dropped on the ground rather than dropping into a vat of boiling oil.

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